Upcoming Training Plans

We’re the second month into training and I ran my first race of 2018 over the weekend! I ran the  Valentine Run for the first time. It is a 4-miler, an interesting distance and a distance I had never raced. It went pretty well, I ran with a teammate and she kept me from going out too fast (which is always my problem) and I got to pick it up at the end.


photo courtesy of Randy Wehner Photography

2016 through most of  2017 was at time when I was running for fun, or not running and recovering from injuries. Nothing serious but enough that I thought it was best for me to not run long distance, and not to really race everything. Once I started feeling better towards the end of 2017 I decided I wanted to be coached and I wanted to be on a racing team. What I am most excited for is seeing how I progress this year and learning how to actually be coached. Yes, I am hoping for some PRs as well, especially since my 5k, 10k, half and full marathon PRs are all from 2014. 4 years is a long time to go without seeing any improvements!


photo courtesy of Randy Wehner Photography

Here are the races I have coming up:

49er Bypass 10k Challenge – this is the hardest 10k I have ever run. The course says “rolling hills”, but these are fucking hill hills. Which I am totally okay with. This is a super small race in the cute little town of Sutter Creek. I only know about it because I used to live there. It is a beautiful course and I’m looking forward to racing it. The last time I ran this race was 2015. Now that I have a coach and a structured training plan I am hoping for a pretty big PR…and no walking! I actually had to stop and walk this one last time.

Fair Oaks Sun Run  – another notoriously hilly race. This is a 5-miler race in Fair Oaks. What can I say? I love hilly races. I placed in my age group at this race last year, so I am hoping to do the same this year.

Women’s Fitness Festival – this is another race I haven’t run in a while. It has a special place in my heart. I ran it with a friend in 2012 and it was here we decided to train for and run our first marathon later that year (CIM). I’ll be running the 10k, and since this is a flat course in Downtown Sac I am hoping to PR.

Big Sur 12k – this will be my first race in Big Sur! I’m really looking forward to running along the beautiful coast! We all know how quickly this race sells out, so I am excited at the chance to run it. If you want to sign up, there are still options available for the 12k, 5k and 3k. Register HERE.

big sur.jpg


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