Running in Sacramento – Wide Open Walls

Today I had 14 miles on the schedule so the plan was to run through East Sac, Downtown & Midtown and get pictures of all the murals that have gone up for Wide Open Walls. Well, there was one I couldn’t find, one was inaccessible because of construction, and I only ran 10 miles because it was hot AF, so there were two murals I never made it to.

My friend and I got up early to run before it got too hot  (it still got too hot), but I was really happy we started early because there was a beautiful sunrise and the morning light was the perfect time to take photos!


I mean, come on. Look at this sunrise! 

These murals aren’t in order of where we ran, they are in order of how I loaded them into this post 😉 Except for the last mural, which is my favorite – we’ll get to that later.


This first mural is by Jeremiah Kille. I love the patterns, texture and shapes he uses. Location: 1900 K Street (back of TRUE).

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 11.30.27 AM.png

This mural (and photo – I thought I took one and didn’t, so I got this off IG) is by Nosego. I absolutely LOVE his art! Check out his Instagram! He does a lot of animals and characters with beautiful landscapes or pictures of space incorporated in it. They are just amazing. Location: 1730 L Street (near Old Soul in the alley).


Here is one of my favorites. The colors are beautiful, and the way the painting looks like it is coming off the wall is amazing. This is Tavar Zawacki. Location: 1123 J Street. 

This mural is by Jorit Agoch. At first I didn’t like how the sun was on half of the mural when I went to take this picture, but I realized it was splitting it in half, and this mural represents peace between East & West (there is an Eagle and a Dragon on the bottom with a peace sign between them). So it was kind of amazing when I realized the sun was almost splitting it right in half to emphasize what the artist had created.  Location: 1123 J Street.

This is by Leticia Mandragora. I don’t see her information on the Wide Open Walls website, and maybe because she was added last minute. I can’t find a lot of info about her, but she is a Graffiti/Paint/Tattoo Artist, and I believe she is dating Jorit Agoch (see above mural) but don’t quote me on that. Location: 1815 K Street

This is by Caratoes. It is an interesting piece when you really start to look at it. To me, it is like she uses different ideas to piece together and it all just works. I really love the detail in her work. Location: 2131 Capitol Avenue.


The colors in this mural are stunning. The picture doesn’t do it justice. The mural is by Matt Adnate. Location: 2131 Capitol Avenue.


I LOVE the characters that this artist creates. I especially love this piece because they are holding trees and Sacramento is know as the “City of Trees” – or used to be at least. Now we are the “Farm to Fork Capitol” but fuck that. We’re the City of Trees and this piece by Phlegm makes me think of that. Location: 917 7th St (Improve Alley). 

This is a piece by Ludo. I really like his style, and I love the vibrant green he uses in his art. Location: 917 7th Street (Improve Alley).



The beautiful koi are by Maren Conrad. Once again, the photos do not do it justice. This mural is HUGE and very impressive in person. Location: 1050 20th street (MARRS building).

So I was never a big Lady Gaga fan, and I’m still not but I do really like some of her music and she is actually very talented. This mural is by Christina Angelina. I love how she incorporated the walls around the main part of the mural into her work. Location: 1120 7th Street (Kayak Alley).

Another one that I love – okay I love them all. But the design, shapes and colors in this piece are beautiful. Again, especially in person. This is by Jose Di Gregorio. Location: 701 S Street (Beatnick Gallery Parking Lot).

I really love how simple this one looks, but when you get closer you can see the amazing detail. It reminds me of the ocean at sunset. It is by Micah Crandall-Bear. Location: 730 R Street (Rhodin Alley). 

I really wanted to get closer, but didn’t feel like jumping any fences. This is a piece by Okuda. Location: The Mill At Broadway 2698 3rd Street

Cool piece by Raphael Delgado. I really dig the vibrant colors on this one. Location: 1413 21st Street. 

Honestly, I’m not quite feeling this one. I love the colors, but the style is just not for me. And that’s cool – everyone should have their own thing. This mural is by Roy Gonzalez. Location: 1815 K Street.

 This last mural is my favorite. When I first saw it in progress I thought it was a pointillism piece, but they are actually words. This was done by Brian Valenzuela and it was his first mural. While he was working on it he stopped to talk to my friend and I, and told us what it was about. It is two hands in a tug of war, with just a thread of the rope left; it is about internal conflict and coming together. Then the events of Charlottesville happened as he was working on it and it really affected him. You could tell he was really upset and it changed the direction of what he was going for, and you can read it in his work – specifically the middle finger of the right hand (in the red). That was the area he was working on when he told us how he was feeling and how it changed his art as he was working on it. 

This is truly an amazing work of art that you should see in person. I recommend sunrise (as seen below) or sunset. It makes the gold really pop and makes it that much more beautiful.

So this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what was done at Wide Open Walls this year! There are so many more that I have seen or want to see. If you can get out to Sacramento, I really recommend taking a tour to see these amazing murals. There are many local Sacramento artists that participated this year, as opposed to when it was the Mural Festival last year. I appreciate they recognized their mistake and brought in local artists. Here is a map that shows the locations of all the murals in the Wide Open walls Festival: W.O.W. map.




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