RNR San Jose Training – Week 2

This weekend is the end of my second week of RNR San Jose training. And it was less than ideal. I missed most of my runs this week (still got in some good strength training, though). Of a 46 mile week I got in 17. Like I said, less than ideal. My thoughts about this really shitty week: whatevs. Everyone has an off day, week or year (like me, last year). I am working 2 jobs right now, and I’ve been working a lot in the evening and haven’t been getting to bed until 10pm or later so instead of my usual 6am runs, I’ve been choosing sleep. Usually I can handle these long days, but this week I have just been way too tired to even try to run – it got to the point where on Friday I got up (late) got dressed, drove out to West Sac to start my run. Then I found out you have to pay for parking, when just a few months ago you didn’t – that irritated me, so I left, unsure where to go next. I decided to run at William Land and as I headed over, I pulled over to check my watch because I decided instead of running 6 x 1 I wanted to do the “Go To Fartlek” workout that I have on my watch. I run this when I want some speed work that isn’t too intense. I couldn’t remember what the intervals were so I wanted to check. Aaaaand my Garmin has been all fucked up for about a month so I had to delete my runs the night before, the only run that was on my watch was the 6 x 1. I somehow forgot this until I looked. That was the deciding factor that running wasn’t gonna happen that day.

Instead I went to the gym, had a good workout and a really good talk with my trainer. I am at the point in my training where I don’t obsess over missed or bad workouts. I accept them, learn from them and move on. Back in the day I would have run no matter what. I definitely would have run over sleeping in – because I thought I needed to. Or I would have regretted sleeping in and been mad at myself for not trying. And that can be a fine line. Trying vs not trying. There are defintitely days that I don’t want to do my workout that is on the schedule but I do it anyway because I know I will feel better once I do it. Then there are days when I don’t want to do it, I know I won’t feel better after and more likely than not it will be a bad run – and that can mean I have bad form, I feel crappy during the whole run, I don’t listen to my body so I get injured…there are so many variables to a bad training run. If you know your heart isn’t in it that day, why waste your time trying to convince yourself it is good for you to do it? It isn’t always good to do the work, even if the people you idolize on the IG tell you it is (Never miss a Monday! – God I hate that saying). I am still a newish runner (5 1/2 years is still newish, right?) but I’ve really learned to listen to my body and decide if it is good for me to train while tired or if I need rest.

Today I actually got up early to run around and check out the murals that have been going up for the Wide Open Walls Festival. This is one of my favorite pieces. I won’t go into detail now, that will be for a future post. I have a 14 mile run next week so I’ll be running to many of the murals going up, and writing a blog post about them. I ran a nice and easy 7 miles this morning and it felt great.

For the majority of the week I’ve been resting. It is what my body and mind are telling me I need, so I am listening. Even though this is only my second week of training. Honestly, I’m not sure why it hit me so hard this week, but it did. I am TIRED! So I’ve been focusing on sleep and my goal is to get to bed by 9pm each night from now until the end of my training. Since I’ve had so much non-running time I started a new book, Why Me Want Eat: Fixing Your Food Fuckedupitude by Krista Scott-Dixon.

Screen Shot 2017-08-19 at 9.47.35 PM.png

The owner of the gym I go to, BodyTribe, posted about it so I looked into it and decided to check it out. It is part self-help (or I prefer self-improvement), part workbook – writing/drawing/dancing exercieses (if you want to do them), part nutrition book. I’m currently 70 pages in – so who knows what else there will be in there. I don’t have any eating disorders, I eat fairly well, but I know nutrition is something I can really improve on. It is a constant struggle with me, although I have gotten better. Specifically, I don’t eat everything because I don’t want anyone else to have it – which sounds really weird, I know. I swear I was starved in a past life. But ever since I can remember I would eat past the point of being full because I wanted the last of the food. If I didn’t eat it now, someone might eat it later and I won’t get it. Isn’t that crazy?  It’s been well over a year since I have done this, so that makes me happy. This book has also been helpful with the stressful aspects of my life. I don’t necessarily eat more when stressed, but I gain weight like I do. I am getting a better understanding of myself and my actions by reading this book and participating in the exercises.

So there is week 2 for you. Not a lot of training, but a lot of learning. Which can be just as good. If you read through my thoughts of the week, thanks! Sometimes I think it may not be as exciting as the “I PR’d!!” type posts but more and more it is becoming important for me to think about different aspects of training – the whys, and to talk about these things in hopes that others start to think about them as well. I am working on the mindfulness of my training and encouraging others to as well.


2 thoughts on “RNR San Jose Training – Week 2

  1. I think it takes a lot of discipline to know when you need to push yourself and when you need to rest. I struggle with it too. Although, it sounds like you have it figured out and I admire that! I hope you reach all your goals this week! 😊

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