Orange Mud Phone. Flask. Vest. (P.F.V.) – A Review

Disclaimer: I received an Orange Mud Phone. Flask. Vest. to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

I’ve been a fan of Orange Mud  since I reviewed their Transition and Seat Wrap (which you can read here). This is my first time reviewing a hydration vest for them and I was very excited to do so. The Phone. Flask. Vest. (P.F.V.) isn’t your typical hydration vest. It’s smaller, and meant for the essentials. For me, this means water, phone, chapstick & key. I also wore this pack with some running fuel (1-2 gels), my pepper spray and a light jacket strapped to the back. But for the most part I just carried my essentials.

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 12.01.21 PM.png

This was my first run with the P.F.V. Running some trails in the Bay Area. It is so much smaller than my usual pack that it almost looks like I’m not wearing one.

I chose to go with a size small and I love the way it fits. Although, I will say sometimes it is hard for me to breath with it on, but I think that has more to do with my deviated septum. Sometimes running sucks for me  because I can’t breath and the vest didn’t help that. But for the most part it was comfortable to wear.

Post long run. All smiles!

There is a buckle on the left hand side of the pack, so to get it on you unbuckle it and put it on over your head, then buckle it & tighten the straps to fit however tight you want it to be. Putting the pack on, getting the right fit & taking it off was easy for me, however having a buckle on each side could be a good idea to make it even easier to slide on. The flask that they provide with the P.F.V. is 450ml, but the vest can hold up to 600ml. I found the 450ml flask to be perfect for me (I used the vest for 3-9 mile runs), and since it is a soft flask there is NO swooshing sound from the water 🙌🏽

*Pro tip: make sure the mouthpiece is pointing towards you not away from you. It makes it much easier to drink from. A few times I slipped the flask in without thinking about it and it made getting water a little difficult while running.

Orange Mud has been marketing this vest as being built for speed, and I would agree with that. While testing this pack I used it for easy runs, hill repeats, tempo runs, fast pace runs and long runs. It was comfortable for all of them, which was surprising to me, as I really don’t like anything extra during my faster runs – extra as in a water bottle, belt, or vest. I didn’t experience the vest sliding out of place, bouncing or any chafing – always a plus.

The Orange Mud P.F.V. has been designed to be minimal. They have minimized the amount of material to achieve maximum breathability – which is great when you’re running in 80+ degrees, such as the trail race I ran today. You can see how minimal it is in the picture below. The larger pocket on the front is for the flask and the pocket on the outside is for your phone. The right shoulder pocket is for backup nutrition (I can easily fit 2 gels in there), the left shoulder area is a dust cover for the bite valve…can we just pause right here and think about what a great idea this is?! I ran some pretty dusty trails today and not once did I taste dirt when I drank 😉 There is also a small pocket above the buckle on the left that I use to store my gum; it’s a very small pocket so it is perfect for gum. Finally the back has a shock cord to hold a jacket or long sleeved running shirt and a small pocket for more nutrition or whatever else you may need. Another aspect of this design that I loved is the strap holder (at least that’s what I call it) on either side of the vest. So instead of letting the straps that you use to adjust the fit of the vest just flap in the wind, you can secure them to the pack (top right corner picture). The P.F.V. weighs 6.8oz, and sizing recommendations are: less than a 40″ chest diameter, size S/M. 41″ to 54″ size L/XL.



  • Good fit, comfortable
  • Love the size – only for essentials
  • Great quality
  • Reasonably priced ($99.95)


  • Sometimes it is hard to breath with this pack, you have to get used to having the pack on your chest rather than your back
  • Can affect running posture – I noticed when I got tired I would start to lean forward a bit. If a runner doesn’t have good body awareness, this could affect their running
  • My phone got wet from the cold flask (condensation) – luckily my phone is water proof!

I really love this running vest and would definitely recommend getting one. If you’d like to get one of your own use code “BRPPFV” for 10% off! Get yours HERE! Can’t make up your mind if it is for you? Check out what the other BibRave Pros thought about the Orange Mud Phone. Flask. Vest. :


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Be sure you check out #BibChat on Twitter, Tuesday, July 25th at 6pm PST. Orange Mud will be sponsoring the chat!


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