5k tune up – No Excuses 

I am now into week 5 of my 5k training plan. I am happy to say that training is still going very well. I ran some 400s today and I am right on track to meet my goal 5k time. However, I am still having a hard time getting used to the Sacramento heat, which was pretty evident during my tune up run this past weekend.

I ran the No Excuses 5k to see where I am at in my training. My plan going in was 22 – 23 minutes. I finished in 23:39 – which I am happy with. They had timers set up along the course, so I saw that I ran mile one in 7:14. I was feeling good, and I was pretty confident that I could keep up that pace (which would have been a PR at 22:25). But around mile 1.5 I got really HOT! I slowed down a bit and was holding a 7:30. Once I got to mile two I wanted to quit. I started in with the negative thoughts, the “I can’t fucking do this” and “why do I even want to do this” but I pushed those thoughts out of my head as soon as I had them. Negativity doesn’t help anything and during the race I was trying so hard to think of reasons I run. I kept thinking of my uncle, I thought of how shitty this past year has been while I was injured and how lucky I am to be able to run without injury. Once again, I just kept reminding myself how lucky I am that I choose to run and not to take it for granted. 3 miles sure seems long when you are racing it!


So here I am, close to the end of week 5, wondering where the hell time has gone. 3 weeks doesn’t seem like enough time to get ready for my race – not to mention the trail race I have scheduled for a week before my target race. It may or may not have been a stupid idea to sign up for BSB, but hey, now I have 2 birthday races.

After the Fab 40s 5k I have 2 half marathons I will be running. First is the Rock ‘N’ Roll San Jose Half Marathon on October 8th and Monterey Bay Half Marathon on November 12th. Depending on how things go at the end of this month, the plan is to race San Jose and run Monterey for funsies. I have not run either race, so I am excited to check them out. More info on both races coming soon! I am running both of these races as a BibRave Pro, so I’ll have a full race report! In the meantime check out my discount page for a discount on San Jose and a bonus gift when your register for Monterey.

Happy running, friends!


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