Fab 40s Training – Week 1 

Week 1 of 5k training is complete!! It has gone well, other than being slower than my past training, but I feel great, no injuries and it feels good to be training for a race again. I currently have 4 races on my calendar this year (Fab 40s 5k, Blood, Sweat & Beers , RnR San Jose Half and Monterey Bay Half ). That is a pretty short list compared to past years. Currently, I am simultaneously training for BSB & Fab 40s. I signed up for the Fab 40s race a few months ago, making it my goal race for the summer and my birthday celebration race – doesn’t everyone have a bday celebration race?? Then one evening after a run with Sloppy Moose RC and a few beers, my friend and I decided to run Blood Sweat & Beers. Which I am totally down for. I am getting into trails and running for fun rather than road races this year – as you can see by my “race” calendar – I usually have 1-2 races a month. I thought BSB could also be a birthday run; both races are at the end of July. I didn’t realize this 10.5 mile trail run is 6 days before my goal 5k. Oops.

So back to my 5k training. It is funny training for a 5k after you have run multiple marathons. I keep hearing, “why are you training for a 5k? You can go out and run that at any time.” Which is true, but I can’t go out and race a 5k any time. I can’t run a 22 minute 5k at anytime. I am trying to beat my current PR of 22:35. I am using the Hal Hidgon 5k advanced plan, with a few little changes (every Tuesday I run hills and then cut the tempo in half, and Sunday I’m trying to get out to trails).

This week my mileage was just under 24 miles – which is the highest mileage week I’ve had all year. Fucking crazy. In past years I could run that mileage within 2 days. But I am feeling really good and I’ve had no pain – last year I had plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis, some side foot thing, right glute and hamstring pain – damn, no wonder 2016 sucked for running! Physical therapy took care of a lot of my issues, but now that I am back home, I swear that has done wonders for me. As crazy as it sounds, I was stressed AF in San Diego and a little depressed. Stress can really take its toll on your health and I’m convinced moving home (and being back with my favorite massage therapist, trainer and chiropractor) has helped me to get back on track. Running my training runs along the American River has helped, too. I’ve missed this river and it is so good to be back!

I am excited to get into week 2, starting tomorrow, but first I wanted to recognize that this past Wednesday, June 7th was Global Running Day. While I didn’t actually run, because it was a rest day, I joined in on the fun by posting why I run. Now, we all know I am more of a serious person when it comes to my reasons for movement (because you shouldn’t take movement for granted. A lesson learned from my quadriplegic uncle) but my reason for Global Running Day was for that runner’s high!! Which is back with a vengeance now that I am training. Fuck yeah.


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