It’s in there, somewhere 

This week has been one of those weeks where I haven’t been able to run much – and right now running “much” is 15-20 miles. I ran just over 11 miles this week, including the 5k I ran tonight. Which is okay, because I am not training for anything yet, but I will be in about 3 weeks. Tonight I planned on an easy 30 minutes or 3 miles, I couldn’t decide which. About 1 mile into my run I decided to pick it up and hold an 8:00 – 8:30 pace and run a 5k. Right now, running that pace isn’t very easy for me. It is doable, but it is definitely work. The funny thing is, once I decided to run that pace for the next 2 miles I thought, “Shit, can I do this?” The answer was, yes I can, but it didn’t stop me from overthinking this run and my upcoming training.

Fast & fun run this evening! 

On June 5th I start training for the Fab 40s 5k (and Blood, Sweat & Beers…which I signed up for without realizing this race is 6 days before my 5k). I am aiming for a 22 – 21:00 5k, which is a 7:06 – 6:46 pace, and that scares me.  I can hold a 7:10 pace for a 5k, I’ve done it, but the work to get there and the idea of a running that pace again is really scary. Back when I first started running, I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know what was a good pace for me, I was just setting goals and going for it. Now that I’ve been there, done that – I know how hard it will be. It was almost better to not know what I was getting myself into because now that it has been so long since I’ve raced, I can definitely see me talking myself out of my goal finish time. Which is almost what I did last weekend.

Last weekend I ran the Fair Oaks Chicken Run. It is a 5 mile race with some pretty intense hills. I have only run this race once and that was 3 years ago when training was going quite well – I finished in 42:45. This year my goal was 45 minutes; knowing I haven’t been training for a race, but running hills regularly and keeping a decent base (maybe even less than decent), but also strength training (which has been going great since being back at BodyTribe) I thought 45 was doable. Then we got to the race and I started doubting myself BIG time. I was really nervous and thought I’d have to walk and it would take me at least 50 minutes to finish. I felt like I wanted to throw up and I even started to consider not running. Of course my bf told me I was being ridiculous and I would do great. So with the race about to start I lined up close to the start line, hoping I could get in before 45 minutes. The race was hot, the hills were tough but I ran up every single one and finished in 44:42, just under what my goal was, and I even placed 2nd in my age group. The moral of this story is, you are capable of so much more than you think. This is something I’ve found to be true over and over. I am always surprising myself at what I can accomplish.

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 9.53.30 PM

So I know, somewhere inside of me, is a really strong person and I know I can reach my goals. It’s just a matter of believing in myself and a lot of hard work. Which I am so ready for!

Screen Shot 2017-05-13 at 9.53.41 PM

Training views ❤




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