Training Plans

I’ve been giving a lot of thought to my training lately. Working for the SRA, being back in Sacramento & running my old routes has me wanting to find a race ASAP and start training! Training to race is so different from running just to run, and while both have their benefits it has been SO LONG since I’ve raced. I am dying to get back out on the American River Parkway for my training runs. There really is no place like home.

So the plan was to start training next month for the Women’s Fitness Festival in June. I am getting back into racing by taking it easy and training for a 5k. And by easy I mean less miles than training for a half or full marathon – I have big goals for my 5k and I know it won’t be easy. However, the other week I learned that my trainer is putting together a mock power lifting meet in late May. Before I moved to SD in I had goals to train for a powerlifting meet, but because I moved I didn’t get the chance. Now I’m back, and another place that feels like home to me is BodyTribe – and I’ve been SO happy to be back there. Yes, I still have my garage gym but there is nothing like working out with my Tribe. So when I heard that we will be having a mock meet I decided to put my running goals on hold until after the meet.

I’ve never trained for a powerlifting meet before so I am really looking forward to my new routine. Today was deadlifts! I am pretty confident with the basics since I’ve been training with Allyson for about 2 years (minus my time in SD) but I am really looking forward to learning more about actually training for a meet. I learned about contrast training last week while working on squats – I was squatting 100lbs and doing heavy walkouts at 200lbs. Feeling the difference of 100lbs on your back is crazy! And really fun. Everyone should try it, in my opinion 😉


Obviously I won’t be training to race while I’m training as a powerlifter. So after the mock meet I’ll start training for a 5k (Fab 40’s 5k) and after that I have a half marathon (Rock ‘N’ Roll San Jose). I’m really looking forward to both races because I have chosen training plans that I think I’ll do quite well with. The 5k plan is a Hal Higdon plan that reminds me a lot of my half training plan, which is from Hansons. I’ve used a lot of different training plans, and have had a few personalized ones as well. The year I used Hansons (2014) was when I set all my PRs and was most confident in my running. Things kinda went downhill at the end of 2015 and 2016 sucked all around so I am looking forward to getting back to a plan that I know I do well with. Oh, and I still need to get out to those Bay Area trails – I know it is only the second day of Spring but I feel like it is going to be Summer soon, then Fall, then Winter and before you know it the year is over and I won’t have run as many trails as I wanted cause my plans are for road races. The problems of a runner…I think I’ll probably do some of my weekend runs out on the trails. I feel like it won’t hurt to hit the trails every once in a while and it will probably make me a stronger runner.

For now I am focused on lifting so stay tuned for that. Actually, I just realized I have no goals set for the meet. I suppose I’ll have to start talking to my trainer about that since I’m a newbie to this. Oh, and in case you’re interested in other aspects of my training I finally started yoga again since I have my garage gym back! And since we’re all moved into our home I started meditating again as well. If you haven’t incorporated yoga and meditation into your training I highly recommend it. Running, lifting, yoga & meditation helps to keep me balanced. These days I need that self care more and more.


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