2017 Race Goals 

When I was asked recently about my running goals for 2017 I realized I hadn’t really thought about it. 2016  actually 2015 until now has been a bit stressful. If I want to be more specific I would say September 2015 – January 2017 has been stressful. Moving and leaving a good job, leaving friends and family, working 5 part time jobs and still not making a lot of money has been the source of most of my stress. Although, this move allowed us to live in San Diego for over a year, I started a cat behavior consulting business (mycatfriend.com), I met some great people here, and my BF has a job where he has gained new skills and experience in his field – so not everything has been bad. But with so much going on running and racing wasn’t a top priority for me.

I always log my workouts – running, strength training,  yoga, and PT just to I know where I’ve been and where I can improve. I recenlty got a new Believe Training Journal because I do want to focus on improving this year. I want to get back to racing. The first Believe Training Journal I got was back in 2015; it was the original journal which was 12 months, had goal pages, info on nutrition, different types of runs, etc. I really liked it but since I have not truly trained for a race (not just train to be able to run a race, but to actually race it) in over a year I chose their newer log book. It is only 6 months, still has goal setting pages and is perfect for what I need at the moment – short term goals. Every 4 weeks they have a few blank pages for you to reflect on how the month went and what your next steps are. Here are my next steps:

Had I known I was going to post a picture of my journal my handwriting would have been better 😉 So going in to February I am focusing on:

  1. Getting stronger & injury prevention/healing
  2. Once I get back to a regular running routine I want to mainly focus on 5k – 10k, and throw a few half marathons in there
  3. I have no plans on running a marathon this year

Yep, no marathons will be run in 2017. This was a hard thing for me to accept at first. Especially since I was going to run the LA Marathon for the Kitten Rescue. I love LA and was so excited to run that race, but most of all I feel like I let the Kitten Rescue down. But I am injured, I haven’t run more than 13 miles in a week since December and running a marathon like this would just be stupid. However, I am still accepting donations for them – I made a commitment to do so and I want to stick to that since I can’t run for their team (if you’d like to donate please do so here, Team Kitten Rescue).

No marathons in 2017 also means no CIM. What – whaaaat?!

  Yep, but the funny thing is I am okay with that. The California International Marathon was my first marathon experience, and I have run it every year since I started running. Yes it will be weird to not run it, and on race day I will probably be a little sad but I will still be a part of the race. BIG announcement: I will be working for the Sacramento Running Association! If you don’t know, they put on the CIM. I met with SRA’s Executive Director last month while I was in town and he asked me how I felt about not being able to run the CIM. It was definitely something I had previously thought about and if this was 2 or 3 years ago I don’t think I would be okay with it. But I look at it like this: I have run this race 5 times, I love the CIM, the Sacramento running community and what the Sacramento Running Association does for their community. For me to be a part of the team that does so much for the running community that I love and call home means more to me than I can put into words. To be a part of the California International Marathon on the back end will be really amazing.

So back to race goals for 2017. I’m starting small and taking it slow.  I’d love to race a 5k, maybe mid Spring or early Summer – it kinda all depends on how quickly we can get my hamstring issues fixed. I’d like to get to a 20 minute 5k and even a sub 20 (my current 5k PR is 22:20ish) so I know it can be done. You know what is funny? This time, even thinking about training for my 5k goal I am a little scared. Because I know what to expect and I know how hard it will be. When I first started running I didn’t know anything so I didn’t know what to be scared of. Instead of being scared I am trying to happy – because I also know how happy it makes to race. I seriously miss that runner’s high! I also know that it will be worth all the hard work – as with most things in life.

See you soon Sacramento!!



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