Come Run Carlsbad!

The Carlsbad Half Marathon will be my first race of 2017! This race is a full and half marathon and is part of the Triple Crown Series. If live in SoCal you know the Triple Crown Series is a HUGE deal! I had no idea this was a thing until I ran America’s Finest City half last year and learned what this race series is all about – “The Half Marathon Triple CrownSM is a fun opportunity to recognize the dedicated half marathoners who enter these three top quality events. With the three races spaced evenly apart; winter, spring and summer, it allows participants the time to train and recover adequately from all three events.” I won’t be living in SoCal much longer, but hey, at least I get to run 2 of the 3 races in this series!


Just about the entire half marathon and marathon course you will have ocean views, there are  water stations at every couple of miles and great places for family and friends to come and spectate.

drone view.jpg

There aren’t any big goals I have with this race, as I have been pretty limited in my running. 2016 ended well, I finished the CIM pain free but a few weeks after that race I began to feel a pain in my hamstring. So I’ve been seeing the doctor and right now the plan is to run this race easy and just have a good time. Which won’t be hard to do with a run along the beach!

If you haven’t yet registered there is still time. Use code BIBRAVE10 to save $20 off either full or half marathon entry!! This is a HUGE discount and super generous of the race peeps at Carlsbad. The swag for this race is pretty great too:

  • Tech fabric 1/4 zip pull over
  • Complimentary Ballast Point beer in the Inaugural Beer Garden
  • Carlsbad Marathon bag
  • Medals (of course)

This year they are also doing something special – the Carlsbad Marathon Golden Ticket! This ticked will be found in select Nom Nom food bags, and redeemable for prizes like a massage from Rehab United (they are AWESEOME! If you win go to Rosie at the Carmel Mountain road location), a pair of Cobain flip flopsGRACEDBYGRIT apparel, race entries, goodie baskets and more!

Click here to register for the race –> 2017 Tri-City Medical Center Carlsbad Marathon & Half Marathon and don’t forget to use BIBRAVE10 to save $20 on registration!



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