Chicago Marathon Training – 1 Month Down

Wow. 1 month into my Chicago training. Time flies when you’re having fun! Um, yeah, marathon training IS FUN!

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 7.18.14 PM.png

So far things are going well. I am still dealing with achilles tendonitis and peroneal tendonitis on my right foot and plantar fasciitis on the left. With the help of my physical therapist and coaches at RunnersConnect I am definitely improving. I still get nervous that one of my long runs or speed work days are going to take me out again, but I know if I train smart I will be okay. Which is exactly what I have been doing – physical therapy isn’t always the fun part of training but I am diligently following my doctor’s orders. After half a year of not being able to train, I don’t want to miss out on Chicago and CIM this Fall. You know, the thought of not being able to run long distances or do speed work is scary. Sure I have many other forms of movement that I love but nothing makes me feel the way running does.

In addition to physical therapy I have FINALLY been making yoga a regular part of my training. I am so proud of myself! A major contributing factor to this is having a yoga app. There really are no excuses to not do yoga when you have an app and can do yoga anywhere! In addition to that I go to yoga classes that are donation based, which helps a ton when you are working part time in a city that is waaaay more expensive than were you moved from. So garage gym, knowledge from my trainer in Sac, yoga app and yoga donation classes – you really don’t need a ton of money to train well. #noexcuses!

The Chicago Marathon is now less than 100 days away! Just thinking of running a marathon right now scares me, that is how rough running has been for me since last year. Next weekend I’ll be running the furthest I have run since the CIM, which I am admittedly a little nervous about. I’ll be running the San Diego Craft Classic half marathon (there is a 5k option too). Which by the way still has spots open to register! Use code ‘BibRave’ for $10 off the half and $5 off the 5k. Running & beer, what could be better? See you there! I’ll be in the orange BibRave shirt, so yell out some words of encouragement when you see me. I’ll be needing them!


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