Marathon Training, Back At It! 

Today is officially the first day of my training for the Chicago Marathon. This will be marathon #7 and my first race outside of California! I can’t tell you enough how excited I am for this race. Other than this being my first race in another state, I am excited for Chicago because it will be the first time I am running for charity. You may have read my other post about running for the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) (if not you can read it here). This past weekend I got to experience just how amazing the MDA is. The MDA Team I have been coaching in San Diego just ran the Rock N Roll Marathon/Half Marathon. We had our team dinner, met families affected by muscular dystrophy, and ran the race. It was an inspiring weekend. The perfect way to lead to my training for Chicago.

 So I usually don’t like such a long training plan (this plan is 18 weeks), but the first month of my training schedule is very basic with easy runs. Which I am already doing, so I am going with it. In the past I have used anything from Googled marathon plans (which I DO NOT recommend). If you read my first post waaay back in 2012 you will see that I had a 6 month plan for my first marathon. It wasn’t personalized, it was too long, no explanation of what I was doing and why. All of which is not great for a first time marathoner. I then used Hansons Marathon Method. Which is also 18 weeks, but I loved that plan. I ran my best races when I used their plan. Finally, last year I trained with a group in Sacramento. I liked the plan; it was great until I was injured and found out I was moving. The stress of living at my parent’s place, while my bf was already in San Diego, looking for a job, sleeping on a couch bed…it didn’t make for great training conditions.

This year I have a personalized training plan from RunnersConnect. I found this site through a post on Twitter. I can’t remember what the post was about, but it was an article from their blog. Then I found out they had a podcast. THEN I heard this podcast, Are You a Strength Training Baby? and I was hooked – seriously, listen to this episode. So much great information to have as a runner, as a person who is looking to add movement into their life or as someone who is already active and wanting to learn more, or hear a different perspective on training. After obsessively reading their blog and listening to their podcast I decided to sign up for a personalized training plan. I’ll be blogging about it throughout my training – you know how I do. Been doing it since 2012.

So, today marks day 1 of 125 of Chicago Marathon training. Ahhh, marathon training. It is so good to be back. And I got a great new hat that I will be sporting tomorrow. It is the little things that make me happy.


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