This Body Can

This body, my body, can do so much. Much more than I give it credit for at times. Take this picture below for example. This is me crossing the finish line at the Napa Valley Marathon in 2014. This was my 3rd marathon and my first time running a sub 4. I finished in 3:56:51 – based off my Garmin and a course length of 26.41 miles.

  I’ll never forget this marathon. I felt great, and I felt strong; I was so proud of myself. Don’t get me wrong, running a sub 4 marathon was hard AF. Before this my previous marathon times were a 5:44ish and 4:18ish. So this was a HUGE goal and accomplishment for me. Yet, I still saw so many flaws when I looked at my race pictures. I went from such a high to such a low; even thinking “I don’t look like a marathon runner” and “I am not a ‘real’ runner” because of how I looked. Something, I hate to admit, I sometimes think to this day. In my heart I know this is so far from the truth. But sometimes the voice in your head takes over and makes you feel like you aren’t good enough. You aren’t fast enough, your body can’t do what you want it to do, you don’t fit the image in your head of what you should look like if you are active/athletic/a runner…you get the point.

This past year I also started incorporating strength training and yoga into my training regimen. Through these practices I have met some pretty amazing people. People that are telling the truth about exercise – or how I like to think of it, movement – and why we should be doing it. It isn’t to fit into a certain size, or have 6 pack abs. Rather, we should do it because we want to, because we can, because it helps us to grow and learn about ourselves. I think there is a movement  happening and people are starting to realize this. People are becoming fed up with the bullshit we read in fitness magazines or posts we read on social media. People are starting to realize that movement is what we need in our lives to live. What your body looks like does NOT determine what it is capable of.

This body can lift. Lift really heavy stuffs and it is FUN!

This body can do what some can’t. Move. Which is always my number one motivation when it comes to running. When you focus on taking care of yourself, loving what your body can do, realizing and understanding what it can do, you then realize that focusing on your perceived flaws is stupid and a waste of energy. About a month ago I read this article: Do You Hate Your Body? (do yourself a favor and read this now). Talk about perspective. I couldn’t stop thinking about how true this article was and it got me thinking. I know so many amazing, inspiring, strong women. They all look different. They are all capable, and they have all accomplished amazing things with their bodies. So I reached out to some of them, and asked them to share their stories. I am happy to say I got very excited and positive responses. So starting June 1st I will be starting a series on my blog called “This Body Can” and I will post 1-2 stories a month. I am honored to share their stories, and show that there are many body types and one isn’t necessarily better than the other. If you are interested in being a part of this series you can reach me via my Contact page. I look forward to sharing stories, building a community of support, and being a part of a movement that empowers us all.


4 thoughts on “This Body Can

  1. I’m in the early stages of training for my first half marathon (as you know), and this was EXACTLY what I needed to read. Sometimes it’s hard to shut that little voice off. Thank you!

    • I am so excited for you to run your first half marathon!! And, if you wanted to share your story I would be honored. The more we spread the word, the more people will recognize they are good enough. Sure, we can all be better and we should practice being the best we can be, but no matter where we are on our journey we are good enough.

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