Manda Bees Headbands – A Review

I was contacted by Amanda with Manda Bees Headbands back in February. She emailed me about her company and told me she makes the best headbands – guaranteed not to slip off, cause headaches, or roll up when over-stretched. Also 100% hand-made in america by women – Amanda’s own words. Obviously I was super excited to try out her headbands.

Here I am sporting the Lunar headband.

Screen Shot 2016-05-15 at 7.08.59 PM.png

And most recenlty, I ran in the Slate antimicrobial headband. I love that she makes antimicrobial headbands because I when I work out I sweat like crazy! According to Manda Bee’s website antimicrobial agents have been incorporated into the fibers of this fabric which inhibits the growth of bacteria, germs, and viruses.

As a runner, there are a few things that I look for in a headband. Manda Bee’s headbands cover them all:

✔ NO slip. Guaranteed.

✔ NO headaches, ever.

✔ NO hair damage

✔ moisture-evaporating technology

✔ machine washable + dryer safe

✔ barely there

✔ NO ROLLED EDGES [This is a feature exclusive to Manda Bees – all other single layer headbands’ edges will roll when overstretched.]

Not only have I found all of these claims to be true based on my wearing her headbands while running, lifting, yoga, and just lounging around the apartment, but they also come in some pretty cool patterns. Other than the Luna and Slate headbands I also got the Merlot. While I didn’t really get any of the fun patterns, I love my choices. How beautiful is the Merlot band!? They even look good when you have a pixie cut.


This morning I once again tested the antimicrobial headband during a run and then at yoga on the right ocean. Run and yoga with amazing ocean views, perks of living in San Diego.

And finally, here I am in my #garagegym strength training. I really liked having a headband for this, because I usually just wipe the sweat off my face with my shirt or hand. It is nice to have a headband that is comfortable and keeps the sweat out of my face.


A headband may seem like a simple thing to some, but if you like to wear them while being active you know that it isn’t as simple as it may seem. They can slip off when you’re running, they can hurt your head because of too much pressure, or may even feel too thick and make you hot…etc. With Manda Bees headbands it will almost seem like you aren’t wearing anything on your head. Which is kinda the point, right?

Thank you Amanda for having me try out and review your headbands. Definitely runner approved!


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