Lots of F-bombs Being Dropped Next Month

April 2015 I challenged myself to stop eating meat for the month. The main reason was because I was feeling sick after eating meat, and the thought of it made me lose my appetite. The other 2 reasons that really made me want to change my diet was for animals and their rights, and our environment. I am not going to tell you that you should stop eating meat, I’m not going to throw out stats about how it is better for our environment or how animals are mistreated…but, I believe, those are all things people should consider when they chose what they are eating.

Personally, I changed my diet because I wanted to feel better. And I do. I haven’t eaten meat for almost a year. I rarely eat dairy, or fish. And since my bf got me Thug Kitchen’s  cookbook a few months ago I have been OBSESSED with their food. Which brings me to a decision I made last night after making a recipe from their first cookbook – sweet potato, black bean & squash enchiladas. So f-ing good!

 For the month of February I have decided every meal I make is going to be from Thug Kitchen’s 2 cookbooks and their website. I’ll still have my waffles and cereal (my go to quick breakfasts before my morning runs) but for the most part my breakfast, lunch and dinners will be a Thug Kitchen recipe. Vegan. No meat, dairy, fish – no animal products at all. Surprisingly, there is a shit load of dishes to make that don’t include animal products.

 I’m not gonna like, I’ve always hated cooking. It is boring, my food never comes out how I want it to and it is messy. Cutting meat from my diet has made me much more aware of what I eat and I realized I don’t eat nearly enough veggies. But how do I cook vegetables every day & night without getting sick of them!? That is when I heard about Thug Kitchen and said, fuck yeah. This is my kind of cookbook. Not only is the food amazing but the recipes drop f-bombs, talk shit & make you laugh. Am I too old to find this funny, “Make the balls: First, stop saying “balls” and chuckling softly to yourself. Then crank your oven to 400°F. Coat a baking sheet with cooking spray.” – Spaghetti & Bean Balls recipe. Maybe I am, but cooking isn’t boring as hell anymore. And as I mentioned the food is actually good. How many recipes have you thought looked/sounded good but sucked once you made them? Maybe its just me.

My favorite vegetarian restaurant in Sacramento is Mother and I just found a great vegan restaurant here in SD called Kindred. After eating at Mother I always think to myself, if I could make food like this I would like cooking. I feel the same about Kindred & realized last night the recipes from TK are pretty damn good & close to what I could get from my 2 favorite restaurants.

Spaghetti & Bean Balls

So, the point of my rambling about how much I love Thug Kitchen is this: food is fuel. As a runner I know how much of a difference a good quality meal makes on my training compared to eating grilled cheese and french fries. I am inspired by them to cook. The cookbooks are fun & delicious. Yes they are vegan and that is a huge plus for me. If you think vegan food isn’t for you, I suggest you give them a try. February is Thug Kitchen month – not officially, just for me. Maybe I can get others to think about food differently and give new things a try. Like this, Roasted Cauliflower and Mushroom Banh Mi. I had it for dinner tonight. It was so fucking good.


3 thoughts on “Lots of F-bombs Being Dropped Next Month

  1. I bought my son this cookbook for Christmas last year. Problem was, he’s not a vegetarian (I didn’t do my complete due diligence, lol). But we made a few of the recipes adding a meat, such as some pulled chicken to the sweet potato & black bean enchilada, and they came out great! So, the cookbook can be for anyone if you’re just a little creative 🙂

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