Running Is Not Selfish

I read an article recently that kinda got under my skin. It asked if runners (or running, therefore runners) are selfish. You can read it here: Is Running Selfish?. And surprise! Everyone in this article said yes, running is selfish. While it does go on to say being selfish is not always a bad thing, and making time for yourself is important, this article still bugged me. Selfishness, to me, is a bad thing. It just has a negative vibe to it. Now, we all start running for different reasons. Maybe it is for a challenge, maybe to lose weight (newsflash – NOT a good way to lose weight, but that’s another topic), maybe you thought it would be fun. As for me it was because I was inspired to. Really. If you’ve read my posts or talked to me about running you know the story…I watched a friend of mine run her first marathon, the California International Marathon, in 2011. When I saw the runners crossing the finish I knew I wanted to be apart of the running community. And that is where it started for me, and continues to grow. Community.

Since I began running in December 2011 I have met some great people, done some great things and have become one of the most unselfish people you will meet. Is that cool for me to say? I’m not bragging or anything, but it is true. I really care about my community, my friends, the people I have helped get into running, the people I will meet in the future. The peeps that I have met through running here in Sac are awesome! A lot of them I met through the Sacramento Running Association. We are AmbasSRAdors (get it??) for the SRA. We share our love of running, volunteer for community events, promote SRA races and even give out discount codes for those races. Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with Sac & running so when I was  chosen to represent the SRA I was super excited. It’s like the best of both worlds!

Through my connections with the AmbasSRAdor group I recently became a Sole Sister with Fit for Girls. This amazing organization helps middle school girls to gain confidence, develop relationships and be active! When I met with the women who started Fit for Girls I kept thinking, if only there was something like this when I was in middle school! They are doing great things and I am happy to be apart of it!

I was also the running coach at Kaia FIT Sunrise. I got to help women train and complete a half marathon. For some of them it was their first. They all did a great job, and it was a great experience for me as well. It confirmed my love for helping others. And while I know I have so much to learn, I gained a lot of confidence as a run coach. I taught myself everything I know through trial and error, research, reading and talking with other runners. I do it to be knowledgeable for myself and others and to know it helped these women makes it all worth while.
Sure we all have different experiences as runners but for me, it really has been about my community. Even as I train for my 6th marathon and 4th CIM I am always thinking about my fellow trainees, my friends, the girls I have coached in the past, my Uncle Mando who gives me the push I need (in spirit) when I think I can’t keep going. Anyone that has ever told me they like reading my blog, or they are following along with all of my training social media posts, or that I have inspired them (me, for real??), they are who I think about when I run and they are why I run. I just happen to be lucky that I love running. It is definitely much needed time with myself when I run, but just know friends, that I do it for you too. 


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