Midway CIM Assesment – Urban Cow Half

Tough race today. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed in myself but I’m going to learn from this experience and let this one go. I was 7 minutes & 9 seconds from my goal time (1:40) and slower than my PR at this race last year (1:43). I think 3 major things happened here. Number 1 I was cramping by mile 4. I held onto a sub 7:50 pace until mile 7. That’s when it started getting to the point of my right quad wanting to just stop. My whole right side was just off today – shoulder, quad and calf. Number 2  The reason I was cramping, I didn’t warm up 😁. Sorry coaches! I went to our spot to meet up & wasn’t really paying attention so I think they all left to warm up & I missed them. I did a few leg swings but not even close to what I needed to do to be prepared. Number 3 I gave up. Ugh. This has been a thing of mine lately. I saw 1:43 on my Garmin (which was my PR last year) and I just deflated because I still had a bit to go. I was pretty upset. I didn’t give up 100%, because that would have been me not finishing. I did, however, give up trying to push myself.  At least I was told I looked strong at the finish…didn’t feel strong.

Have you ever had a dream where it feels like you are running through water? That is how I felt from mile 10.5 on. Everyone was passing me. I wanted so badly to run faster, but I just didn’t have it in me today. Here is my race:

Urban Cow Half Marathon

 Here I am about mile 12. I was looking forward to this point in the race because I knew my KaiaFIT SSC crew would be there cheering us on.
And they didn’t disappoint!! This is not even everyone that was there. They had signs, cow bells, flags…they had it all and were the reason I kept trying to push. Thanks ladies! Just as last year, I got teary-eyed hearing you cheer me on.   So I could make excuses as to why I didn’t reach my goal (umm like our 1:40 pacer sprinting out the chute…jeez! Or the stupid wind) but ultimately it is all on me. And this isn’t a bad thing. I know what I need to work on, and that is awesome because I know I can improve.

As you can see my CIM midway assessment did not go as planned. There is just over 2 months until CIM so plenty of time to improve. Physically I have no doubt…it is all the self doubt in my head. I psych myself out. I have made huge jumps in improvement in the past so when I have little jumps or nothing at all I doubt all of my training and my ability to even be a good runner. So lame, I know. One really good thing about today – I wore my new Lululemon shorts and they are awesome. I tested them out yesterday so they wouldn’t be “new”. Runners all know we don’t try new things on race day! 2 thumbs up for the shorts! You know, always look on the bright side of life!

(sorry, that was lame too! I’ve been watching too much Monty Python lately 😉 ) But for realsies, I am thankful everyday I am able to move, get outside and do what I love to do. Happy running, friends.


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