Week 1 of CIM Training ✔️

Back at it! It is marathon training season again! August 9th I officially started training for my 4th time running the California International Marathon and  the 6th marathon I have run. This time I am doing it a little different. I am training with Fleet Feet Sacramento and the Sacramento Running Association (SRA). In the past I liked training by myself. Sometimes I would run with friends if they were training for the same race, but for the most part it was all on my own. This year I wanted coaches, and fellow trainees. I wanted something different. I wanted people who have similar goals, I want coaches to guide me, I want to have a “team”. I am also trying to qualify for the Boston Marathon this year at CIM. That means I have to run a 3:35:00 marathon, which is an average of an 8:12 minute/mile. I have to shave 18 minutes of my PR – which I ran at the CIM last year. 18 minutes may seem like a lot, but I know I can do it. Here are my past CIM times:

2012 – 5:44:05

2013 – 4:18:16

2014 – 3:53:47

I have improved a lot since I have started running. While I know it won’t be easy, I know I can do it. I picked up my training schedule and our awesome training shirt a few weeks ago. I pretty much wear it any chance I get as I am training.

Our first long run was last week, and that was 60 minutes. I was not concerned about that at all. 60 easy minutes is pretty much my average easy run these days.

However, as I planned my first week I was a little nervous because we are running 4-6 days a week. I haven’t run that much in a long time. The past couple of months I have been averaging 3 days a week around 15-20 miles. So I was a bit nervous to double that, but my training plan is very well written and all has gone well so far. I even get to run to Kaia FIT Sacramento which is awesome! I get in my run and cross training pretty much all at once. And it is nice running along the river again.

Yesterday I had a 10 mile training run to complete that I was actually a little nervous about. I wasn’t able to run with the group (we do long runs on Sundays together and speed work on Wednesdays) because I was out of town. But I found a nice course along the ocean and actually felt amazing after my 10 miler. It took a while because I stopped to take so many pictures but I am happy to report that my legsies feel great today!

Here is the link to that run. CIM 2015 – 10 easy miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

I had to make up a course as I went, since I am not too familiar with running in San Diego. I came across a pretty steep hill by accident but overall it was a pretty easy run.

After my run (and ALL training I do) I stretched out for a good amount of time, rolled and drank my Arbonne Phytosport After Workout  recovery drink. Last year I had an injury because I wasn’t recovering properly. This year I am not going to let that happen. Other than what I can do on my own I also have a massage therapist and I see a chiropractor for ART work. Both of them have helped my training tremendously & I super recommend looking into being taken care of by professionals if you’re doing any kind of training.
On to week 2!



4 thoughts on “Week 1 of CIM Training ✔️

  1. That hill is just preparation for CIM hills 🙂 Marathon training takes over your life, but you have a great handle on it! Hope you crush CIM and qualify! We literally have the same time for the 2013 race, but we didn’t know each other then! HAHA! xoxo, ganeeban

    • It really does take over your life, but I like it! I think this will be my only marathon for a while. One a year is good.

      So funny we had the same time that year! Can’t wait to run this year and celebrate my BQ 🙏🏼

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