Exploring My “Backyard”

My training run today inspired me to write this blog post. I am pretty lucky to have the American River less than a mile from where I live. When I am training for long distance races I will often run along the American River bike trail. However I don’t often take advantage of the trails along the river. I mean, they’re no Auburn trails, but when you live in Sacramento and don’t want to drive to your destination they will do.

If you check out the elevation profile it won’t look like much but there were still some good hills.

BSB Training – 5 trail(ish) miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

So that is what I did today. My legs are pretty tired but it was such a beautiful morning that I really wanted to get outside. I decided to get out in an area I don’t normally run. This was my view during my run today. Along with some really cute dog friends, but I didn’t want to seem creepy taking pictures of people’s dogs.

Along the way I found these great stairs that lead right to the river! Next time I have a hot training day I am going to go run these stairs & jump in the river. Can’t wait!

  I wore  my UV Half Buff today under my hat. A full review will be coming soon, but so far I love this thing!

  Running back towards the tracks I thought someone painted a cat friend, but looking at it more closely it kinda looks like a rabbit/cat mix. Needs whiskers.

Aww Sacramento. I love standing right here and seeing the city. It looks so far away, but in reality it is less than 3 miles from where I am standing to take this picture.
My run was very enjoyable today. I didn’t care about my pace or my distance. I just got out there to run and explore an area of my neighborhood I don’t run often. My favorite part of running is finding new areas to enjoy. I encourage you to explore where you live. Find a new running route, change up your routine. It will make your running so much more enjoyable, especially if you’re lacking the desire to run in the first place. In the near future I plan on doing this on an even bigger level. I want to start traveling around the county, and eventually the world and explore. I want to literally run all over the world. 

Until then, I am loving exploring my little part of the world.


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