What’s In A Name?

How original is that title? Yeah, not really.

In 2012, when I created this blog, it was to hold me accountable for training for my first marathon. I had NO IDEA where that would take me. I have learned so much about running, movement, coaching and about myself. I have grown, changed, transformed…hence the name change.

I realize now I have kind of made a brand for myself. I mean, I actually have people come up to me at races and say, “Hey runner girl! I read your blog…”. Yeah, that happens! Even outside of the little city I live in. I have multiple social media sites and the original purpose was to just share my love of running to anyone who cared to read. Even though I didn’t think anyone would care to read.

I have been fortunate enough to be an Ambassador  for multiple brands/races/organizations. A lot of that is based on my social media presence, and once again, my love for running. I am beyond grateful for those opportunities and love sharing my thoughts, tips and suggestions with people about running and fitness related products. And that isn’t going to change any time soon – as long as people still invite me to represent for them.

What has changed is me and my focus, as far as my training goes. Which is no surprise, I mean I do blog about it. Since joining Kaia FIT Sunrise  in 2014 and becoming a coach for them I have become a much better runner. This year I also found an awesome lifting clinic, Iron Grrls, that has helped me to become stronger and more confident. My trainer has also put into my head the idea of training as a powerlifter. Which I am totally doing after I run the CIM this year!

This blog is about more than running. It is about my life. It is about a girl that was inspired by runners to start running. And sorry (not sorry)  if this seems a bit dramatic but running literally changed my life. I was a shy, quite, unhappy (or at least not as happy) person with little self confidence. Running has helped make me who I am today. Running has taught me to set goals and work for them, it has taught me patience, and to never give up.  Running has taught me it is okay to be uncomfortable, in fact that is how we grow. Most importantly running has taught me I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. Running is a journey, as is life. We are constantly learning, growing and transforming.


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