Mizuno Enigma 5 – A Review 

Disclaimer: I received the Mizuno Enigma 5 to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

If you follow any of my social media sites you will know I love Altra running shoes. I’m obsessed. When the opportunity came up to try the Mizuno Enigma 5 I have to admit I was a bit hesitant. Why change a good thing? However, I think it’s a good idea to see what other shoes are like. I’ve been running in Altra for just over a year, so maybe there is something out there that I would like just as much. As a coach it’s nice to have an idea of other types of shoes other than what I run in. I’ve also heard a ton of praise from runner friends about Mizuno.

So here they are!

Gotta say, it isn’t a bad looking shoe. Fun colors – if that is your thing. I slipped them on and…holy shizz. These things made me tall! Or at least that is they way they felt. You see, I am used to running in a zero drop shoe, and the heel to toe drop for these shoes is 12mm (although I’ve also read it is 11mm). Either way that is a major difference for me.

I took them on an easy few miles. Right away I noticed how LOUD my steps were as I was running. Call me weird, but I kinda pride myself on how quiet I am when I run and when I run around “stompers” (as I call them) it drives me crazy. These shoes made me a stomper. As much as I tried I couldn’t run a quite run like I am used to. I do like the material, other than being a little snug around my foot they feel good. While running I do notice the “responsiveness” in them. It is kinda like they help to get your foot off the ground, put a little bounce in your step.

Something I do with all my shoes is lace them horizontally. So before my next run I changed it up to see if that would help with the snugness.

My next run I went to a spot Downtown where I like to run stairs. So I ran a few sets of stairs and ran some sprints on the rooftop.

I was surprised to find that I actually liked running sprints in these shoes. They were heavier than what I am used to but more comfy for sprints than I would have thought. Again, at the mid point in my run my feet started to go numb. Even with the re-lacing of my shoes.

The last workout I did with these shoes was at Kaia FIT Sunrise this evening. I did like them for the workout. Good support, perfect for all the burpees we did. Then we ran some line runs and my feet started hurting again. It may be that these shoes need to be broken in, but the last pair of shoes I had to break in I wore for 2 months and my feet never got used to them. Personally, I don’t think shoes need to be broken in. You should know from the first run if they are good for you.


These shoes (as of writing this post) have not yet been released. Here is some info about the Enigma 5 from  Mizuno’s website. They are for runners that like that maximum cushioning and are neutral shoes that are good for high mileage runs or even if you need a bit more cushioning/support for your recovery days. They are light weight (8.8oz) and have “upgraded upper materials, including extra breathable mesh, provide a glove-like fit”. Too tight of a fit for me.

Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 4.45.52 PM

So the bottom line for me? I won’t be switching brands. I would, however, recommend these to someone who needs more support when they run and likes this style of shoe – neutral, high heel to toe drop, and has a smaller foot. Although, I have to say my feet aren’t that big. I would also recommend them as a cross training shoe over a running shoe.

Here is a picture to prove it. Veiny, but not big.


Thank you Mizuno for the opportunity to test out this shoe!



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