Mobot – A Review

Disclaimer: I received a Mobot to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!

What the heck is a Mobot? If you’re a runner or you are active in any kind of sport it is a products that is the best of 2 worlds – hydration & recovery. A water bottle that doubles as a foam roller! Or is it a foam roller that doubles as a water bottle? You can decide on that.  When I was given the opportunity to test this product out I was very intrigued. I run (long distance, trails, sprints, hills…) I also coach & work out at Kaia FIT Sunrise and lift at BodyTribe. Needless to say, I’m active & I sweat. A lot.     So I need to hydrate & roll out. A lot.

There are 2 sizes available. I have the 40z. Which actually does hold 40 oz. I measured to make sure.

Instead of going on about specs and details that you can find on the website I want to tell you why I love this product. But first, I wanted to share with you  Mobot‘s mission:

“To innovate, create and inspire. To hydrate the mind, body and spirit.  To change the way you move. At Mobot Nation we believe in an infinite state of living.  We act to better ourselves daily and reshape the way we live.  We always strive to achieve that goal, but more importantly, WE HONOR THE EFFORT.” Love this. Thanks Mobot!

Here is what I found when opening my package.

Now, I am not a person that is huge on bright colors and I don’t care much for camo but I gotta say, this is a fun bottle. It draws attention. People don’t realize what it is and they have to touch it, pick it up and examine it. Then they realize what it is & also agree it is a great idea.

It comes with an extra lid and a bunch of info about the product, how to care for it, and how to foam roll.

I LOOOVE that it comes with a straw. I am constantly spilling my water and electrolyte drinks on myself because 1. I am clumsy 2. The wide mouth on my other bottles. So this straw is perfect for me.

    Even when the Mobot is full it is still light weight. It has a handle on the lid to easily carry around. When you use it as a foam roller it does not leak. YES! The roller is firm – which I like. I don’t like the soft foam rollers because they don’t really help, you need the pressure that you get from a firm roller. It is very durable too. Another thing I tend to do with my water bottles is drop them. I’ve dropped this multiple times already & once when I was skating with it down the street…no harm done!

Hydration ✔️

SMR to help with recovery ✔️

Durability ✔️

Convenient & easy to use ✔️

Cool product that everyone wants to use (or at least touch) ✔️

I recommend this product for sure! Definitely good for some one on the go, or if you need something convenient and easy to use, small spaces…really this is good for anyone. 2 things are a must for you active peeps: hydration and recovery. Mobot takes care of both!



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