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 A few months ago I posted about what I am doing as far as fueling my body for the training I do. I thought I liked what I was doing (as far as the products I was using) but I still felt like something was missing. Then came PhytoSport . This is a plant based sports nutrition line that has a pre, during (hydration) and post workout drinks. FINALLY, what I have been looking for! FYI this is a product from a company I am a consultant for. I love these products and the company and stand behind them 100%. I would never recommend something to my clients that I didn’t use, or that didn’t work for me.

Today went a little something like this: up at 4am for my 5am Kaia class. I fueled with Arbonne Energy Fizz Sticks and the PhytoSport Pre Workout mix. Fizz Sticks for the energy and the PhytoSport as fuel for my workouts. It has carbs, amino acids, vitamins, electrolytes…

Then I went for a Fartlek run…oh…I started my NEW training!! I’ll be running Blood, Sweat & Beers July 26th. I am lucky to have a great friend that wrote me up a training plan. Today was day 2 of my Blood Sweat & Beers training.

BSB Training – Fartlek by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

BSB Training Plan!


After that I had a recovery shake. Arbonne Chocolate Protein, PhytoSport, and Spinach. Seems like a weird mix (because PhytoSport is mixed berry flavor) but I enjoyed it. The spinach was awesome. Fresh from the farmer’s market.

Yeah, not so pretty looking. But like I said, it tasted great. I don’t know if I have mentioned this on my blog yet, but I have decided for the month of May to cut meat out of my diet. I actually started on April 27th. So today is day 8 of being vegetarian (or pescaterain since I eat fish. Not giving up crab!). I feel like my energy is better, I don’t feel as heavy throughout the day – like when you’re full and you ate too much crap. Not that I was eating crap all the time, but I definitely wasn’t getting enough vegetables. And I am learning to make new, fun veggie dishes. So far so good!

Post run hat hair

It feels great to get back to my Kaia workouts, back to running – and hopefully back to lifting soon. The flu I had that prevented me from running SLO & OC really kicked my ass. It is surprising it took me so long to recover. But I guess when I think about it, it shouldn’t really be that surprising. Ugh…just happy to be back training! Is anyone out there in the Blog World training for anything exciting?? Tell me about it!

Happy Cinco De Mayo Friends!


5 thoughts on “Training & Nutrition 

  1. Hi there,
    I have been reading your blog for few months now, your enthusiasm is contagious. I always wanna go for a run after reading lol. Because of you, I started wearing Altra shoes and I have loved them. I also tried the hansons running method, it was intense and we had one of the most brutal winter in toronto. Missed a lot of training. I have done tons of halfs and recently did a 30k. This year I signed up for Chicago full and I gotta seriously train in summer. My question for you, hansons method basically calls for jus running and not much else. I have started strength training 3 days a week and I am loving it. I notice that you do both. Are you still doing Hansons method? I have a very demanding job, I need to get my work outs out of the way in the morning, evenings are very unpredictable. I enjoy a morning or two jus not doing anything, any advice please.

    • I workout at Kaia FIT (women’s gym, where I also coach.) There we do lots of body strength exercises. We also use kettlebells, and weights. I lift 2x a week as well, trying to make it 3. Luckily I work from home now so it is easier for me to fit things in. I used to have a job that had me there up to 15 hours a day. That was hard, but I still made it work with running & cross training. I definitely think if you’re a runner you NEED to do more than run. Preferably lift weights to build muscle. It helps you become a much stronger runner.

      Thanks for reading!! Which Altra shoes do you have & how do you like them?

      • Thanks for your response! Yes, I agree with you, strength training really makes a difference. With McMillan plan how many days of running is recommended?
        I started with Altra intuition 1.5 and now have 2.0. Also got one of their trail running shoes. There are not many places that sell Altras in toronto area, hard to find sizes. I usually pick a pair up during my trips to the US. For some reason, I think I still prefer intuition 1.5 over the 2.0, I am always looking online to find the 1.5’s.

      • Yep. 2.0 are not as good as the 1.5. I wear their One2 now. McMillan running plan was personalized. For me I ran 5-6 days a week. They give you a questionnaire to send back and they put together what works best for you.

    • Also, no I am not currently using Hansons. My last training was with McMillan Running. LOVED having a personalized training plan. I never got to put it to use because I got the flu and I was out for about 2 weeks and missed both of my marathons in that time. I have no doubt I would have met my goals though with that plan.

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