Hiking Cronan Ranch 

Today was a perfect day to go hiking. Since getting sick a few weeks ago I haven’t been very active, so getting out of the house was my top priority for the weekend. In case you don’t remember I was supposed to run SLO Marathon last weekend and this weekend – yeah, tomorrow – I was supposed to run OC Marathon. Well neither of those happened. I am getting over the disappointment and trying to focus on my next race. Life goes on.

So we decided to head out to Cronan Ranch  today. I was told this is a great area to run trails so I wanted to check it out. Since my bf doesn’t run we went on a nice hike. I wanted to check out something close to Sac & this was perfect. Only about a 50 minute drive from the city.

I came across this rattlesnake about 10 minutes into our walk. We came across 3 snakes today. This one scared the shit out of me! He was huge!!

Great views.

I really like this area because all of the trails were clearly marked. Good for a newbie like me.

Having fun climbing trees. What you don’t know is that to get out of this tree I needed to jump out of it. I sat in the tree for about 10 minutes too scared to jump. I am slowly getting over my fear of heights. I eventually jumped. It was not scary at all.

We met some nice dog friends.

And some caterpillar friends.

Representing Kaia FIT Sunrise!

  After we ate lunch at the river we headed back to the car. This little cabin was the site of a movie shoot back in 2003 (if I am remembering correctly).

  Post hike. It was a good 7ish miles. Some one needs sunglasses.

  After the hike we wanted to get a drink. I have been wanting to try Mraz Brewing for quite a while. I have had a few of their sours and since that is my favorite beer at the moment we had to stop by.

  2 flights. They did NOT disappoint. I loved every beer I had. The apricot sour and Wild Meadow were my favorites. Wild Meadow was top favorite. You need to check them out!

I feel like today was just what I needed. I signed up for Blood, Sweat & Beers yesterday and getting on the trail today made me really excited to be out there running. Other than the snakes I think I am going to love it. I even bought a hydration vest as soon as I got home.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend and to those of you racing tomorrow have a great race! Especially those of you at the OC Marathon. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow!



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