Things Don’t Always Go According To Plan

Well, this weekend is what I have been waiting for since last year. SLO Marathon. I have been training hard and loving my training plan from McMillan Running . And I knew I was ready.

But today I decided I am not going to race.

This is not the choice I wanted to make. And I think I was trying to fool myself that I would be okay to race, but after a lot of thinking and input from family and friends I have decided it is best to withdrawal from the race. Since coming back from Vegas on Monday I hadn’t felt well. I’ll spare you the details but Monday night I was very sick from what I thought was food poisoning. It is now Thursday and I finally slept through the night with out wanting to vomit but I’ve barely eaten a thing all week, I am tired and feel like I have no strength. I woke up this morning saying to my boyfriend, “I can totally run the marathon on Sunday”. 3 hours after I said that, I have only eaten a plain bagel and I am still a little tired and weak. Ugh. I would not wish this upon anyone!!

There is no doubt in my mind I could have run this marathon and OC Marathon next weekend (which I still plan on racing OC). But should I put my health and well-being at risk because I am trying to prove to people I can do it? Hell no. I was never trying to prove anything to anyone, so why risk it? I know I can do it, and that is good enough for me. That doesn’t mean I am not extremely disappointed how things turned out. I feel like I let SLO down as an ambassador, and that makes me sad (ps they did not make me feel this way. They wished me well and hope I recovery quickly).

I also have to remember that I am a coach. I need to set a good example. I tell my girls that recovery is a top priority when training. Sure I may feel 100% by Sunday, but I have to take into account I’ve missed every training run, Kaia class and my lifting class this week, I haven’t eaten much and my body needs to recover from that.

So there it is. The back to back marathon challenge that gave myself last year is not going to happen. Yes I am sad, yes I think it is unfair & ridiculous because I NEVER get sick! But it isn’t the end of the world. I have the OC Marathon next week. I will be signing up for Blood, Sweat & Beers – my first trail race to celebrate my birthday!! I start running trails next month and I have the California International Marathon in December – where I will qualify for Boston. Lots to look forward to!

And there is always the SLO Marathon next year. I promise I will be there!


8 thoughts on “Things Don’t Always Go According To Plan

  1. Sorry to hear how it turned out, but you are better for taking care of yourself. No one thinks you let them down. AT ALL! Take care of yourself and we can’t wait to see how much ass you kick the OC Marathon! Are you going to SLO at all? xoxo, ganeeban

  2. Sorry you got sick. I’ve had a few friends have to withdraw from marathons the last few months due to illness or injury, it sucks! But it sounds like you are making the right decision… will always be there next year. Hope you feel better.

  3. Agh! Sorry to hear you’ve been sick, but it sounds like you’ve made the right decision. Going into a race with food poisioning-like symptoms sounds mighty unpleasant! There will be more races to run. 🙂

  4. You definately made the right decision. As much as I know how incredibly frustrating it is, you have so many races to look forward to, and pushing youself when you were less than 100% definately could have effected those future races.

    Here’s to looking forward! 🙂

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