Shamrock’N 2015 – My Sister’s First Half Marathon

This past Sunday was my sister’s first half marathon! It was the Shamrock’N Half Marathon. Which just happens to have been my first half marathon 3 years ago. This race is really special to me and I was so excited when my little sister told me she was going to be running it.

My plan was not to race, but to be out there cheering on the runners. I coached a group of Kaia FIT Sunrise  girls to run this race. My first group of runners that I have coached for a race! It was such a great experience and I was so proud of everyone! And they all kicked ass! Oh, and Kaia FIT was the BIGGEST group representing at this race!

More friends of mine. More kick ass runners! This race was also my friend Tara’s first half marathon. You can’t read her bib but it said “Newbie” 🙂

Shamrock’N Half Marathon 2015 by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

I don’t know why I haven’t run this race since 2012. It is a great course, very well organized and a lot of fun. The weather was very nice that day and for once it was great not to worry about my pace, and pace someone else. My sister had a goal of a 12 minute mile. I knew should could run faster than that and told her so, but she said she just wanted to finish and didn’t want to run fast. I respected that and no matter what her pace was I was going to stick with her for the entire race.

At the first mile we were running about a 9:30min/mi. I asked her if she wanted to slow down and she said no. She was doing great throughout the race. We both aren’t big talkers so I didn’t say much during this time. At mile 7 she started to slow down and we were at a 10-10:40min/mi. She started to get hungry and didn’t bring anything for fuel. I felt pretty good so I gave her my Clif Shot Bloks.

As we made our way through Discovery Park then through Old Sac I knew she was going to think what I thought the first time I ran this race, “we’re almost there”. Nope. Still have to run down the river a bit, back up the river and through more of the city. She saw mile 10 and wasn’t too happy. I knew she was struggling so I kept telling her how good she was doing. Which she was, she was on track to run a 2:10 on her first half marathon!

After mile 11 she started to pick it up. I could say it is from the rush of adrenaline you get at the end of a race, but I think she just wanted to be done. We started running down Capitol Mall, which is probably 1/2 mile from the finish. I asked if she wanted to sprint down the chute. Her answer, “you can”. But when we got on the field she definitely picked up the pace. I think she was feeling the adrenaline at that point 🙂

Kate officially finished her first half marathon in 2:13:24. Which is about 7 minutes faster than my first half. I am so proud of her!

Congratulations on your first half marathon Katie!! I am glad I got to run it with you and I am secretly hoping (although it’s not a secret now) that you will someday want to run the California International Marathon with me. I mean, there is plenty of time to start training for that.


10 thoughts on “Shamrock’N 2015 – My Sister’s First Half Marathon

  1. Aw congrats to your sister!! What a wonderful experience to run with her through her first half. I did the same with my younger sister last year and it was so fun to keep her motivated and tell her how great she was doing through the entire race 🙂 I hope your sister had a great experience too! I think my sister enjoyed hers, but she hasn’t run another long race since haha

  2. This is awesome! I’m also inspired. I’m running my first half in a few months and have the same mentality that your sister did at the start: I am thinking a 12 min. Mile and just want to finish it. I hope I’m surprised with my results! Congrats to her! and you for sticking with her!

      • Thanks! I am running the Buffalo, Ny half marathon in May. I’m so nervous! I’m running a 15k this weekend, which will be the longest I’ve gone yet. Pretty exciting! Any tips would be awesome.

      • 1. Have fun with! 2. Be prepared. With training, fueling, clothes, distance. It makes all the difference.

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