Back To Back Marathon Training – So Far So Good 

Months ago I was chosen to represent the SLO Marathon and the OC Marathon. I planned on running both marathons (they have 1/2 marathon and 5k options as well). When I decided to run both of these races I did not realize they were a week apart. My bad…I applied to be an Ambassador for both and didn’t see the dates! Well, after I was chosen as an Ambassador for BOTH races I thought why not challenge myself and run both marathons. Yep. Back to back. 7 days apart.

I’ve been told I am crazy & asked if I am nervous. If running marathons a week apart for a challenge and for fun is crazy, then I guess I am. Am I nervous? Nope. I am excited as hell. But ask me that at mile 22 during both of these races…I may have a different response.

Today was a great training day. First a TRX coach’s workout. Then I went to Fair Oaks to run some hills. Sacramento is pretty flat, so if I need to really do hills I head over to Fair Oaks. That little town is perfect for it.

Altra One for TRX. Altra One2 for my training run.

I have a few reasons why I am not scared to run back to back marathons:

1. I believe in myself (most important)

2. I have a personalized training plan from McMillan Running

3. I am very focused on my nutrition (as you can see in my last post)

4. I got an HR monitor!!

I am really excited about my HR monitor. I never gave my heart rate much thought as to how it can help with my training. This is VERY new to me and I am researching a lot. We’ve all heard the 220-your age = your maximum HR. But that’s not always accurate. I have a lot of learning to do on this subject.

My run this morning was COLD, but very refreshing. Running up hill is getting easer! Or it could have been my Fizz Stick…

Here is today’s training run:

SLO/McMillan Training – Hill Repeats x 6 by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Roosters in Fair Oaks. So cute, but if I lived here and had to hear them every morning…wait. I’m usually up by 5am and I have the damn train going through Midtown at 2am & have learned to sleep through that. Okay roosters, maybe you’re not so bad.

I am headed into my 7th week of training. My marathons are less than 2 months away and I am feeling pretty good. My training plan really has me stepping it up these next few weeks. There are some new runs I haven’t done before that I am looking forward to (Yasso 800 & different types of speed work). 

Tomorrow will be my 2nd “race” of the year. Why quotations? Because of this: 

Yeah, it’s a fun run. When my friend Stephanie  said she wanted to run the Donut Dash for her birthday I said I’m down. Anyone that knows me knows 1. I don’t wear pink 2. I don’t participate in fun runs 3 . I DO NOT wear tutus. Well I’m doin’ it!! And I’m looking forward to it! It’s good to break away from my serious training once in a while. 




3 thoughts on “Back To Back Marathon Training – So Far So Good 

  1. Hi. I’m also looking for places to run hill repeats in Sacramento. Any other recommendations besides the Fair Oaks – Bridge Street loop?

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