Super Sunday Run

This past Sunday was my first race of 2015. I ran the Super Sunday Run. I don’t give a damn about football, but this is always a fun race. It is put on by the SRA and it was my first race ever back in 2012. This year I decided to run the 5k. I had 10 miles to do that day & it is 3.5 miles to Sac State from my house so I ran there, ran the race & ran home. Boom – 10 mile training run done!

Running the streets of East Sac to the start of the race. I love running through my neighborhood!




It was a little unfortunate that the course was actually 2.9 miles instead of 3.1. I finished in 21:08…my 5k PR is 23:35. When I came running around to the finish I knew it was too short. I was thinking no way did I just run 1.1 miles. But that’s okay. It was still a great race.


All of us SRA AmbasSRAdors got together before the start for some photos. I’ve had a few people ask what we do as an AmbasSRAdor for the Sacramento Running Association. In a nut shell, spread the love of running throughout our awesome Sacramento running community! Check us out!


Another thing I was really excited about was cheering on the Kaia FIT ladies I am coaching for the Shamrock’N Half Marathon . They did amazing at this run. I am so proud!!


Mile 5.5 and they don’t even look
fazed! 😉



 Go Tara and Derek!! It is so great knowing so many people in the running community. One of the things I am really excited for being an SRA AmbasSRAdor is meeting more of the Sacramento running community.


One of my favorite parts of this race is running down the Sac State football field to the finish! I believe they just started doing that last year.


Check out my bad ass finish photo. Hell yes. Run like a Kaia Girl!!


Not only was this my first race of the year, this was my first race as an SRA AmbasSRAdor. I still can’t believe I was chosen to represent them and I have to said over and over, thank you so much! I am looking forward to this year of races!

Oh…here is a sneak peak at my new Altra shoesies! This week has been crazy busy so I have had these shoes since Monday and haven’t even run in them yet. What??! I’ll be putting them to work tomorrow, don’t worry 😉




5 thoughts on “Super Sunday Run

  1. Hi there, I will be running my first shamrock half marathon in March. You said you have to promo code to get 5% off the race? Being a college student $75 is a little hard to come up with. Anything helps

    • Hi Sherry, my code is actually just for Sacramento Running Association races. It is SRA19. I also have one for SLO Marathon which is GONZAMB and ZOOMA Napa Valley which is HALEY15. Check out those races!

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