My Christmas In Pictures

Christmas for us started at my bf’s brother’s house. They have a tradition of getting xmas socks. I like it.


We both got books for Christmas. We LOVE books!


  Before going home & starting dinner for the family I got to give some Christmas cheer to some really cute cat friends! I mean, look at that face!




 I didn’t get up early enough to run, so I went on a quick run before starting dinner.


 If you’re getting me a gift, anything running related is a good bet. Love my new shirt 🙂


Ran by this cute Pug face. He was licking the window like crazy, but every time I went to take a picture he stopped.



 Our personal Christmas 5k. I ran and my boyfriend biked.

Christmas 5k �� by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details


Gifts. Do I have good friends or what?


By this time I was in stuffed mode & all comfy. Definitely not as cute as my sisters…


…but do the have cool cat friend socks like me? Nope.


How I ended my night. How I end most nights actually.


I hope everyone had a great Christmas! And let me say, I am SUPER excited to see what 2015 will bring!



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