California International Marathon 2014

California International Marathon. I look forward to this race every year, and every year it comes and goes so quickly. I’m letting you all know this first – this race was so f-ing hard for me today! There were times I was worried I wouldn’t be able to finish. Despite that, I did get a 3 minute PR! I was pretty damn surprised. Although, when I look at my splits I did pretty well until about mile 16. Maybe it felt hard because the first half was the fastest I have run a marathon. Or the fact that I hadn’t run more that 13.1 miles since the San Francisco Marathon. I was definitely under-trained. Either way here is the CIM 2014 course:

California International Marathon 2014 by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Obligatory expo pics. I never spend much time at expos. I get in, get my bib and take off. Well, after taking a few pictures.


This was the first time I have seen this at the CIM expo. All the marathoners! Pretty cool.




We had an amazing dinner at home with my parents. We got YUMMY ravioli from a local Italian market and my mom brought homemade Caesar salad. But…I totally forgot to take pictures of our yummy dinner! I did, however, get a picture of the great beer we had with dinner.


 Race day!


 Kaia ladies getting ready to start the CIM! I want to say again (and again and again) THANK YOU! You will never find a more supportive group of women than Kaia FIT. And not just the Kaia I coach at, but every Kaia FIT. Once again, I am starting to cry looking back at these pictures and thinking of all the love and support I got from these ladies today. I need to get my shit together! 😉



For real though – these ladies. The most supportive two women I have ever met. And they are my bosses. I actually like my bosses! Just kidding – but seriously.


Huge thank you to Kira today. I was seriously wanting to quit so bad! I would never let myself, but I was really struggling. At mile 19 I texted her and said, “I’m dying”. She told me to walk it out and get back to it. So around mile 21 I started to walk. But that only lasted about 5 seconds. It just so happened a lady who I was running by earlier and who heard me tell my dad “I’m dying” (I told a few people that today) tapped my shoulder and told me to stop walking and she knew I can run. I thought, she’s right, and started running. Her name was Megan and her friend’s name was Tara (I think. Crap, sorry if it wasn’t!). She kept me going about 1.5 miles then Kira came running up to me. She asked how I was feeling, I told her my feet were swelling because my shoe laces were feeling too tight. She told me what an inspiration I was and I was the first Kaia girl they saw run by and I only had a 5k left. Having her and Megan there with me for that little amount of time was just what I needed. Thank you Kira and thank you Megan for getting me through a couple of miles!


Best cheer squad ever!


After running by the Kaia girls I ran by the Sloppy Moose gang. Tara ran up to me and told me I was kicking ass. Maybe I should start listening to all of these people. I was feeling like shit and thought I was doing a terrible job. Thanks Tara! Um, yeah. That is my wave. I don’t know.


Mile 25-26.2 were the hardest. Once again, I wanted to walk so badly. But I couldn’t. I kept pushing on and was actually able to sprint down the chute.


The girl in the green is another Kaia friend. She met me at mile 26 and pushed me through to the end. She knew I was struggling, and I was so thankful to have her there. Thanks Chelsea! Ps. she is always killing it at our workouts & is such an inspiration to me! She is pretty bad ass.


And of course I have to say thank you to my biggest supporter. He gets up at 4am (or earlier) with me. Drives me to races. Drives to spots along the course to cheer me on. He is the best. I don’t know what I would do with out him ❤️. I swear he is happy! He just doesn’t like pictures.




My not-so happy supporter.


Okay, so he isn’t a supporter. But I love this cat friend and had to get a picture with him wearing my medal. He wasn’t having it.


CIM #3 in the books!


New marathon PR of 3:53:48. Next year I WILL qualify for Boston at this race. I’m ready for you CIM 2015 (well not at this very moment, but you know, I will be).














3 thoughts on “California International Marathon 2014

  1. Congrats. I wish I could have seen you. I’m sure I did, but didn’t realize it was you! I was right behind you during leg 3! Glad to see you smashed it and PR’d! Way to go and I’m glad you found your home with the Kaia girls! Time to start training for SLO! xoxo, ganeeban

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