If I had to choose 1 word to describe my life right now it would be this: Blessed. I’ve never been one talk about my feelings, or be “mushy”. But I’ve gotta say, the older I get the more emotional I become. I personally think it is me becoming an adult and realizing what I want out of life, and what/who is important to me. Realizing I control what happens in my little bubble of the world (for the most part) and taking responsibility for that. I mean, I recently left my friend a Voxer message of me pretty much crying the whole time telling her how much she has changed my life, and how happy and thankful I am for her. Yep. I am all mushy now.

The point of this little post is to let everyone in my life right now how important they are to me. Even in the simplest way. I ran with my Thursday evening running group tonight and had a great time! I am so happy to have met all of these people who bring happiness and laughs into my life. Tonight got me thinking of all the people I have met, just this year, that have become my friends and supporters. People making signs for me (and all the other runners at CIM), friends telling me I will do great this weekend despite my self doubts. Hugs, encouragement, laughs…all of this with people who were strangers to me only months ago. It is a great feeling when people come into your life and you know feel that they are supposed to be there, for whatever reason.

Thank you to all my friends. You should all know who you are! I look forward to our time together – the rest of this year and into next.




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