Winter Running Necessities

The rainy season is here! Does anyone else love running in the rain? At first it seems cold, wet and miserable, but once you get going it isn’t so bad. For me it is refreshing and energizing! BUT you have to have the right gear – or else you will be miserable. There is no such thing as perfect weather, just perfect clothes (did I get that right coach Amber?).

I have recently invested in a few winter running essentials. Well, some I got for free for being a super cool ambassador ;). I recently got this jacket from the OC Marathon. It is perfect for running in the colder weather! Very light, if I get too warm I can tie it around my waist and it is reflective. Ps check out my pug friend socks.




I also love this pull over I got from  ZOOMA  for being an ambassador. It is also super light and I LOVE the thumb holes. Thumb holes are the best.


The crappy thing about fall and winter (other than stupid football) are shorter days. If you’re an early bird like me the mornings are still super dark out so it really is a must to have reflective clothing, and a headlamp.

Another option if you don’t want a headlamp is to get a hat, which is great for when it is raining, and a clip on light. That is what I am wearing here.


Finally, all the things that will keep you warm – uh, well, not freezing. Running pants, socks and gloves. I love my running pants! I have never heard of RBX before but I found these at TJ MAXX for around $20, which is a really great deal! Running clothes don’t have to break the bank.



 If you’re new to running and you don’t have running socks yet, you will soon learn why they are needed. Especially if you are running in wet weather. And it won’t be a pretty or fun lesson. When I started running the thought of paying $10+ for a pair of socks seemed crazy to me. I was already paying at least $100 for shoes , now I have to get socks? Fuck yes you do.

Luckily I am an Ambassador for Feetures! Performance Socks (so I get a pretty nice discount and I get to share that with my friends). They are the BEST running socks! My new favorites are the Elite Merino+.

Here is some info about these socks from their website:

  • The Power Arch (Patent Pending) delivers targeted compression where it’s needed most.
  • Anatomical design enhances fit, delivering maximum comfort and protection by eliminating blisters.
  • Ultra thin construction takes up minimal room inside the shoe.
  • Merino+ fibers wick moisture to keep feet dry and odor-free.
  • Merino+ insulates when wet—keeping your feet warm in wet, cool conditions.
  • The Perfect Toe® (No irritating toe seam.)


These are the only running gloves I have. Not the best for when it is raining but I love them. They are from my first marathon. CIM’s 30th year in 2012. The year of the CIM Monsoon.


What are your must haves for the fall/winter weather?

California International Marathon Countdown! 15 more days!




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