Have You Started Planning For 2015 Yet?

Where does the time go? It is already November, CIM is less than a month away and I am already planning my 2015 races. The first marathon I ran (California International Marathon 2012) I swore I’d never run another. Then I decided I would run CIM 2013 and while I’m at it, why not every year? I live in Sac, I love this race so why not become a CIM Streaker? Done!

Then came 2014. And the Napa Valley Marathon in March. Then I found out that the San Francisco Marathon was on my 30th birthday this year, so obviously I would have to run that. 3 marathons in 1 year. It really isn’t that many. I know a lot of people who do waaay more. But for me, I guess I had it in my head that I would just do CIM from now on. Well, until I pay off my debt and am making more $$. Then I’ll travel more and run marathons in other cities & countries…but back to what I was saying. I figured I would be a 1 marathon a year person. I was wrong. Already on my schedule for next year is SLO Marathon in April, OC Marathon in May and of course CIM in December. Who knows if I will run more but for now I think that is a good start!

If you are interested in either race I am an Ambassador for both of these marathons (which also offer half marathon options!). So pick one or the other, or better yet both and come run with me! For the SLO Marathon use code “GONZAMB” for $10 off either distance and sign up with my team. Team name is SLO Racers. I didn’t realize until after I picked the name that it sounds/plays on the word “slow”. I am also NOT very creative and am sticking with this name. We will be SLO fast racers! 😉

Along with these 2 marathons I am also an Ambassador for ZOOMA . ZOOMA Napa Valley has a 10k and half marathon option. Use code “HALEY15” for 10% off either distance.

Recap for next year (so far): SLO Marathon, OC Marathon, ZOOMA Half Marathon and CIM. Shaping up to be a good year!

Finally, I have some exciting news! I took the Kaia FIT Coaching Certification course last weekend and I am happy to say I passed!! I received the good news Friday evening. Seriously though, I am an f-ing fitness coach! Who knew my life would go in this direction. I certainly didn’t but I am so happy it did. I haven’t started coaching classes on my own yet, but I am already feeling so proud of the girls I am co-coaching. Seeing them work hard at pull ups, running, box jumps…everything we do to become strong women – it is an amazing feeling. Next goal on my Kaia list is becoming a certified I Kan Run Coach. I might explode with happiness when that happens. I’m not kidding.

Muscle pic…I’m still working on building my muscles. It takes time, but I’m getting there!


This weekend we had a Share The Love/Pain workout. Which means the no boys allowed rule didn’t apply. I was way too excited to bring my boyfriend! I was pretty proud of him – he isn’t one for working out but he did a good job. He even said it was fun. Obviously, it is a Kaia FIT workout.




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