Apple Hill Run 2014

Alright, so I am a little behind on my race recap of the Apple Hill Harvest Run. What can I say, I have been busy. I also have been taking some time off of running. Prior to this race I had only run 12 miles in 3 weeks.  And eating like crap, and gaining 5 lbs (which may not sound like a lot, but when I am running I can feel it!).  This was the first race in a long time that I was a bit nervous I wouldn’t do well.

Stephanie and I before the race. It looks sunny and warm but it was cold!


 Beautiful views!



 Here I am at the start of the race. Going UPHILL. If you want a hilly race sign up for this! The last couple of miles are all uphill. It was a challenge friends!


I took this “race” and made it into a long easy training run. I really wanted to win some of the famous, amazing, yummy cider but I know better than to push myself when I am still trying to fully recover. I did pretty well though for not pushing myself. I came in 153rd of 514, 59th of 342 females, and 19th of  104 in my age group. Not bad!

Pace/Elevation chart:


Okay…now that I am looking at the elevation chart it looks there was much more down hill. Paw to God there was some crazy long uphill too!

See! This was the end of the race. UPHILL.



 Ready for some donuts! I am so sad I didn’t take any pictures of the Apple Hill Donuts. They are the BEST donuts of my life! I can never decide which I like more, the plain or cinnamon. So I got 2 of each 🙂


If you live in the area, or the Sacramento area this is a race you need to run – it is only about 45 minutes from Sac. They have a 3.5 and an 8.5 mile option. Beautiful views, well-organized race, the best apples, cider and donuts ever. There is no reason not to be there!




4 thoughts on “Apple Hill Run 2014

  1. Congrats! That’s some crazy elevation. I would much rather end with downhill so kudos to you for beasting through those last miles!! 🙂

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