Back At It

FINALLY!! After a week of no running I am back to my CIM training! I am super proud of myself for being a good runner and resting instead of possibly prolonging my pain. Although, if I was a good runner I wouldn’t have hurt myself in the first place. I know that cool down and stretching after a race or training run is a must. Why the F do I skip it or rush through it then? I guess its kinda like flossing your teeth. You know you need to, you just don’t want to. Not anymore. Paw to God (instead of hand to God, get it? Inside joke I am sharing w/everyone so you can all see just  how crazy of a cat lady I am).

After the Urban Cow Half Marathon a few weeks ago my left knee was a little painful and then I had some hamstring tendonitis. So I took a week off, rested, iced, stretched & used the shit out of my foam roller. I went on an easy 4 miler today to see how I felt, and I feel great.

My run this morning:

CIM 2014 Training Easy Run – 4 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

My day started off with a workout at Kaia FIT Sunrise. Then some procrastination…which I am supposed to be working on! Then a run around East Sac. I haven’t run East Sac in a while so it was a nice change and I am absolutely loving this Fall weather!

Speaking of Fall weather – this is my favorite season. Running in the crisp mornings and seeing all the beautiful colors on the trees is the best. I also love this season because it is that much closer to CIM!! Before CIM this year I have 2 more races planned. The first one will be November 2nd. I’ll be running the Apple Hill Harvest Run. I have never run this race and it has been years since I’ve been to Apple Hill so I am really excited. I hear it is a tough course so I am looking forward to the challenge.


The next race I’ll be doing is, of course, Run To Feed The Hungry . This is almost like CIM for me – it is a must. I live about 2.5  miles from the start so the plan is to run there, run the 10k then stuff myself with Thanksgiving food. BEST PLAN EVER.

This race is a pretty big deal around these parts.


And, as if it is ever too early to start signing up for races, I have a June race already planned for next year. Whaaat? I’ll be running ZOOMA Women’s Race Series  in Napa again! I was chosen as a 2015 Ambassador. This year was a great time representing ZOOMA so I am happy to be an Ambassador again for next year’s race.

Aaaannnnnd…if you would like to sign up for this race use discount code “HALEY15” to get 10% off race registration. There are a half marathon and 10k option: ZOOMA Napa Valley.


Have a great rest of the weekend! I’m about to be an old lady and cozy up with the BF & watch a movie on a Saturday night. Early training morning tomorrow – priorities!


5 thoughts on “Back At It

  1. Hello runner girl,

    I stumbled upon ur blog one day when I was really did not feel like running. I really enjoyed reading and felt very inspired to get up and run. I have done few half marathons but I don’t think I have ever trained well. I learned abt the hansons method on your blog and read their book. It seems to be quite a commitment, I am prepared to go for it.
    Another thing you mentioned was the Altra intuition running shoes. There are some really good reviews online. I currently run in saucany triumph 8mm drop. I am wondering if I need to transition slowly into Altras. Can you pls share your experience. Thanks and keep writing, I look forward to reading more about your running adventures!

  2. Glad to hear the week off seemed to work! I think those are the only two races I have coming up as well! I say race, but I just mean runs 🙂 Besides the 5k this Saturday, for one of my favorite non-profits in town! Good luck with CIM training! Hope I can cheer you on, just depends on what leg I run! xoxo, ganeeban

  3. Hi Runner girl,
    I really enjoy your posts. Can you pls share your experience with Altra Intuition shoes. Did u need a transition period? I am planning on starting the hansons method for a half.

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