What Has Fitness Done For Me?

I mean, other than the obvious…





I am grateful everyday for the direction my life has gone. I’ve said it again, and again…but I owe so much to my friend Krysta, who got me into running. I would be a completely different person than I am today if I never started. Other than the obvious benefit of being healthy and staying fit, I have gained so much since starting my journey with running/health/fitness.

Krysta and I


I used to be one of the most introverted people you would have ever met. I HATED talking to people I didn’t know. Even talking to people I did know was not easy for me. It is sad to say, but I have always felt super awkward used to feel super awkward. I will never forget my mom constantly telling me I need to come out of my shell. Which I hated! I knew I was quiet – I didn’t want to be that way – I just was. Why? I don’t know.

Actually, that is a lie. I was scared. Sacred I wouldn’t be accepted, scared I wasn’t good enough, scared no one liked me…I can go on and on. I had no confidence. As I got older it was easier for me to go outside of my comfort zone, but I still didn’t enjoy it. Fast forward to June 2012. The Women’s Fitness Festival 2012 to be exact. I decided I was gong to run the CIM. I also decided to start a blog to hold myself accountable with my training. If I put that shit out there for people to read I had better be doing it!

Starting my blog was a huge step for me. Again, I thought people would make fun, think I was crazy and of course no one was going to care what I had to say. Then people started to follow my blog, and leave comments. Strangers were encouraging me with my training and telling me I was doing a good job and to keep it up! Then it started with my family and friends. People telling me I was an inspiration. Me?? The girl who slacked off in school and failed PE (yeah, that is totally possible!).

Running has introduced me to new friends and given me opportunities I never thought I would have wanted. I have been an ambassador for ZOOMA, and am currently one for Feetures! Performance Socks . Being an ambassador means organizing/participating in events, and promoting the hell out of a product/race. I am co-leader of November Project Sacramento  where I lead most of the workouts, and will be coaching I Kan Run with Kaia FIT Sunrise  (my dream come true!). I have also started running with Sloppy Moose Running Club. I knew only 1 person there when I decided to show up by myself. Now I’ve met quite a few peeps and look forward to Thursday evenings every week. Super fun running/beer drinking group!

Our first NP Pledge workout!


Our most current workout


 In 3 weeks I will be flying to Madison Wisconsin to meet all the other November Project Tribe Leaders, run a relay with them and have a weekend full of workouts, fun and NP business. I am so excited for this opportunity! Me, really? Flying almost across the country to meet strangers?! Like we say in November Project, #FuckYeah.


6 thoughts on “What Has Fitness Done For Me?

  1. Wait? You failed PE?! I don’t know if we can be friends anymore 😉 Thanks for sharing your journey. I’m just glad I met you along the way and get to be a part of it! You’re a great gal and put all your heart in everything you do! I’m so jealous you’re going to meet all the crazies that we call our Tribe! Can’t wait for the recap and pictures! xoxo, ganeeban

    • Thank you so much. It was never my intention, but it feels amazing to motivate or inspire people. Your comment is one of the kindest I’ve gotten.

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