The San Francisco Marathon 2014

Yesterday was the San Francisco Marathon. The 4th marathon I’ve run, and my second marathon this year. And it was also my 30th birthday!

Mine and my twin sister’s 30th birthday


I almost missed the expo because traffic from Sac to SF on Saturday was crazy! I have never experienced such awful traffic going to San Francisco and I hope I don’t have to again! At least I finally got my bib & was FINALLY off to the hotel.


Oh, wait…we made stop at the Sports Basement . I need some new training shoes. Mine currently have 400+ miles on them. Unfortunately they have a small selection of Altra running shoes and they didn’t have the shoes I wanted. They did however have some Altra trail running shoes on sale for $50 – and with the 10% discount they were offering for all the SF Marathon runners I HAD to get them! $45 for a pair of Altra trail shoes…um, yes please. I am so excited to go run some trails! This wasn’t totally a spontaneous buy, I have been wanting to start trail running 🙂


 Okay, Finally off to the hotel. I booked a room at the Westin St.  Francis. I was excited to stay at a nice hotel for my 30th birthday. But we didn’t stay there. Upon check-in I was told they over booked. The scene from Seinfeld when Jerry makes a reservation for a car, only to show up and the car isn’t available for him came to mind. How do I not have a room when I booked it months in advance??! The nice thing about the situation was Westin comped us a room at Le Meridian (although not nearly as nice of a hotel!). But it was closer to the race and we didn’t have to pay for anything. Happy birthday to me from the Westin I guess….

View of the Bay Bridge from our room


This was the first time I had run the SF Marathon and I was told a few things about it:

– The first half has most of the hills

– The first half is the more scenic half

– The second half is fast – more flat and downhill

– The weather is usually very nice for this race

Let me just say – the hills were NOT even that bad! The hills at the US Half Marathon were more steep than this race. I’m not one to complain about hills though. If you’re worried about them but considering this race next year, my advice: don’t worry. Honesty, my issue with hills isn’t running up them, it is running down them. It is hard on my knees.

The morning of the race! Representing November Project Sacramento


Views of the city as we walked to the start line…




I started in Wave 6 – waaay too slow of a wave for me. I realized after the race. My boyfriend signed me up for this race back in December as a Christmas present. When he asked my finish time I was a bit too conservative and told him to put me in the 4:30 finish wave. Oh well, next time I will know better.

Here I come!




Here is the course of the race:

SF Marathon 2014! by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

This was a very beautiful race. Races in San Francisco always are! Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge is amazing…too many slow runners, but the amazing views almost make up for it. However, people stopping in the middle of everyone running and taking pictures on the bridge…cut that shit out. If you’re going to be all touristy take a picture in an area us other runners aren’t going to run into you! Please and fucking thank you.

Running to the bridge and then back down the road was the first time I saw a cheer group from November Project San Francisco . They were awesome!! Out there high-fiving, dancing and cheering everyone on! I also saw them around mile 19 or 20…some where around there. The spectators throughout the entire race were pretty cool. It is always such a great feeling having people out there cheering for you. Around mile 21 people were handing out pretzels and I was super excited to grab a handful. I needed some food and salt in my system. Then around mile 21.5 I tripped over a manhole cover, fell and my pretzels went flying. So much for that.

Here I am almost to the finish.



My official finish time was 3:58:56 which is about 2 minutes slower than my marathon PR (Napa 2014 3:56:51).

Favoritest supporter ever!


 How cool is this…took a walk around the neighborhood last night and found an address that is the same as my birthday! Obviously I had to walk onto their porch and get a picture.



In case you wanted to see the aftermath of my fall. This one actually wasn’t too bad. I really need to stop falling though.



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