Product Review: Feetures! Socks

I love being an ambassador. I get race entry, free products, and I get to promote my love of running!! I have been running in Feetures! socks lately instead of my usually Balega. I have only run in Balega since I began running in December 2011. That is what they put on my feet when I tried out my first pair of running shoes, I loved them so I stuck with them.

I had heard of Feetures! but for whatever reason never decided to try them. Once again I am so thankful to be a ZOOMArun ambassador. Thanks to them I got to try out all this awesome gear!



The only thing I haven’t used yet is the sunblock. I wore the shirt today for my training run (see below) and I’ve been using the shit out of the chapstick! I LOOOVE chapstick so I was super excited cats that they included that in with the samples.


I am usually not so colorful but their socks are super bright! The colorful socks have started to grow on me 🙂 I got 2 pair of their High Performance socks (pink and yellow. Pink is not pictured because I gave them to a friend. I don’t do pink) and a pair of the Elite (blue/green). I liked both socks.

From the Feetures! Website (click to enlarge and read about the awesomeness of their socks):


This is the High Performance sock. These socks are designed to hug the foot in a comfortable supportive way. They have iWick fibers that keep your feet cool and dry, and a mesh top to provide ventilation and added breathability.


Here is my favorite of the two, the Elite. They are anatomically constructed using their “sock-lock” technology to provide targeted support. With the Elite line there are a Left and a Right sock, just like compression socks. My feet felt very supported while running in these socks. They never fall below your heel and do everything you would want a running sock to do. I LOVE them!




I wore the High Performance socks during my half marathon this past weekend.


Huge thank you to Feetures! Performance Socks for the great gear (including the chapstick) and to ZOOMArun for choosing me as an ambassador. I really can’t thank you enough. The race I am an ambassador for, ZOOMA Napa Valley, is in 2 weeks and I am super excited to wear my gear from our sponsors – Altra running shoes, Feetures! socks & chapstick and I’ll be replenishing with Ultima Replenisher drinks at the finish!!

Finally, my training run for today…because you know you want to see it 😉

SF Marathon Training Easy Run – 8 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.



One thought on “Product Review: Feetures! Socks

  1. I always take chapstick with me during races, it drives me crazy when my lips get chapped! And those socks look great; I’ve been wearing some Asics performance socks that have been working well, but I’m always looking out for new ones.

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