I Have Unintentionally Started A Running Streak

April 24th I started a running streak. I didn’t plan on it, I didn’t even know I had run every day until May 6th. I had been running for 13 days straight. Today is day 17. I feel great! I have recently become a morning person (this is a HUGE deal for me) so I have been getting in most of my runs in the morning before work. It is better that way…I never know if I am going to be working over time.  A few things crossed my mind when I finally decided I would continue with my running streak. First off, how can I do this without getting injured? Well, that is pretty much taken care of. After reading Hansons Marathon Method and talking with and reading my friend Chris’ blog – Marathon Living I knew I just had to be smart about my training.

It really is as simple as that. When people hear I run 7 days a week they think I am running at 100%. Obviously I am not. I am following my Hansons Marathon Training plan – which was only giving me 1 day off a week of running anyway. To break it down my training schedule looks like this:

Monday – long run

Tuesday – speed/strength

Wednesday – easy run (and my November Project Sacramento workouts!)

Thursday – easy run (which was supposed to be my off day)

Friday – easy run

Saturday – tempo run

Sunday – easy run

As you can see, most of my training runs are easy. During those easy runs I do incorporate hill training. Hill training is a must, I am training for the The SF Marathon after all.

Here is my training run from today:

SF Marathon Training Tempo Run – 5 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Here is my *new* running outfit for tomorrow! (Don’t worry mom, I am not spending more money on things I “don’t need”). I was part of a nutrition study at Davis and got an $80 Target gift card. Hell yes! So I decided I needed a new shirt and shorts…among other things. Everyone knows you can’t go to Target without getting a shit load of stuff. And I obviously have to mention my shoesies in the picture. Altra Intuition 1.5. I am always talking about how much I love Altra Running Shoes – I’ve even gotten a few people to buy them based on my blog love for them! Hey Altra, you should totally make me an ambassador 🙂



So tomorrow is day 18 of my running streak. As I was saying before a few things crossed my mind when I decided to officially start my streak. One thing I didn’t think about, until I was asked, was how long my streak will be. I have no idea. No goal, no plans…I am just going to run everyday until for some reason I don’t want to.

Have you ever started a running streak? How long did it last, or are you still going? 


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