Fair Oaks Sun Run 2014

Race day!! Race days are the best days! I ran the Fair Oaks Sun Run aka The Chicken Run today and it was my first time. I signed up for this race because I am training for the San Francisco Marathon and need to train on some hills…and this race has hills. They even had names! Grand Daddy Hill, Hernia Hill, The Beast (which was a Beast!) and The Last Gasp. I thought that was funny they name them  🙂

Here is the race route from my Garmin Connect:

Fair Oaks Sun Run 5 Miler by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.


The hills were pretty tough, but I think I handled them well. During my training I find hill work so hard, but in a race it’s not as bad. I’m sure its my adrenaline during a race, which is a good thing so I am not too worried about running 26.2 miles in San Francisco!

At the finish!

IMG_9756IMG_9757 IMG_9758

My finish time was 42:45 and I finished 4th in my age group.


I feel like this is a really over looked race – only 367 runners participated in the 5 mile run. It’s really too bad. Old Fair Oaks (where the race starts & finishes) is one of Sacramento’s cutest little towns! The park is beautiful and the course is a good challenge. Capital Road Race Management manages this race and they always do a great job. There were food trucks at the finish, and a lot of activities for families & kids. I hope more people sign up for this race, I’m sure I will next year.


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