San Francisco Marathon Training: Day 32 of 126

Uggg…That was how my run started out today. I’ve been going through a phase of bad runs. Maybe not bad runs, but running has seemed hard for me lately. I have the motivation to go out there and do it, but I feel like I’m running in water! It’s really stupid and I want it to be over.

I am in week 5 of my San Francisco Marathon training. Like I have said before I am using Hansons Marathon Method for my marathon training this time around. I am loving the plan so far! Next week I start my speed workouts. F-yeah!! And since the track I wanted to go to is closed I had to get a new Garmin – yeah, I had to. I mean come on – I can make workouts and send them to my Garmin. No need for a track! Plus I get a signal super crazy fast…yep, it was time for an upgrade.


Here is my training run for today. It was really hard to get started, but towards the end I was feeling better.

 SF Marathon Training Easy Run – 4 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

94 more days until the San Francisco Marathon!! My 4th marathon, on my 30th birthday! It is going to be awesome!! This calls for a shit load of exclamation marks!!!!!!

 Part of my training, as you all know, is going to my November Project Sacramento workouts every Wednesday morning. This week we switched it up! We met at River Walk Park in West Sacramento. I love this spot! Great views of the river, the Tower Bridge, Old Sac…stairs to run, running paths. Lots of opportunities for a great workout!

NP SMF Tribe!



 Getting those stairs!



So come out to our new location at River Walk Park in West Sac!! Wednesday 6:25am – meet under the River Walk sign! See ya there!


2 thoughts on “San Francisco Marathon Training: Day 32 of 126

  1. I really, really want the other color way of that watch 🙂 And now that you said it finds the signals that much faster, I might just have to upgrade too! But I haven’t even had the other one for a year. Hmmm…decisions, decisions!! Hope that lame running rut dissipates soon, which it will 🙂 Go out for a fun run, no Garmin, no time, just by feel – maybe that will get you out of the funk?!?

    • I wanted the purple but they didn’t have it and I didn’t want to wait! And thanks, I’ll get over my rut soon 🙂

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