FINALLY – Running Shoes I Love

A few months ago (or so) I was chosen to be an ambassador for ZOOMArun Napa Valley . I was super excited to support and promote this awesome race! I was excited at getting to know the other ladies that were chosen, meet runners, go to expos and just have a good time! Little did I know I would find what I have been looking for (and thought I found). Running shoes that I LOVE!

Altra is a sponsor of ZOOMArun – along with Feetures! Performance Socks  Honest Tea  Barefoot Wine & Bubbly  Cytomax  Ultimate Direction  Athleta  California Half and Full Marathon Series . When I found out we would be getting a pair of shoes from Altra I thought that was super cool, but I would probably just wear them as my cross training shoes, since I already had shoes I liked. Then came Monday. I got the shoes delivered to my door and decided to try them out.


My cat REALLY liked the box they were delivered in! She slept in it for a few hours.


Not bad-looking!


 Once I put my foot into these shoes I knew I would love them. They were seriously the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn. I remember my first time trying on running shoes, trying to decided which I liked best and the sales lady telling me to pick the ones that “feel like you are not wearing shoes”. I thought that was a weird thing to say. Obviously it is going to feel like I am wearing shoes because I am. Once I stepped into the Altra Intuition 1.5 I knew what she meant.


After my 4 mile tester run I went to my local Fleet Feet and bought another pair. Now I have a pair for racing and a pair for training 🙂  The model I have is the older model. They have The Intuition 2.0 out now. I have to be honest though, they are ugly!! I don’t know what the hell they were thinking when they designed them but I hope they change back to the 1.5 look. They feel different too, more cushion. Which I am sure some people like, but I REALLY want the next model to be more like the version I have. PLEASE Altra change them back!



These shoes are a zero drop (which means means there is no drop from the heel of the shoe down to the forefoot). They allow for a more natural way of running that is more efficient and prevents common running injuries. If you wear a more traditional shoe, you will have to slowly transition these shoes into your running routine. For more info about Altra running shoes click here —-> Altra Running Shoes FAQ

Also, don’t forget to register for ZOOMArun Napa Valley. There is a 10k and half marathon option. Use code NAMB6 for 10% off registration! Click here to register!


4 thoughts on “FINALLY – Running Shoes I Love

  1. I’m dying at your honesty…they are ugly! haha! I hate when they do that with the next version of any shoe!! Who picks these colorways, obviously not stylish runners like ourselves 😉 haha!

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