Gear Review: Ultimate Direction Jenny Collection

One of the great perks of being a ZOOMArun Napa Valley ambassador is FREE gear! Perks that I wasn’t expecting by the way…so cool!! Recently I came home to a package from Ultimate Direction. Here is a little info about the company from their website: About Ultimate Direction

The hand-held bottle and waist pack are the 2 products I was sent. They are from the Jenny Collection. Here is the info about the Jenny Collection: Ultimate Direction Jenny Collection


First of all, I just want to say this pack is awesome! It is their Meow pack – I LOVE the name 😉 But seriously, the name isn’t the only thing that makes me like this pack. It is lightweight, fits comfortably around my waist and a decent size. I fit 1 gel, my chapstick and cell phone (iPhone) in it. There was room for a bit more too.


  1. Good quality
  2. Not bouncy (which is very important to me. I’ve had some packs that were crazy bouncy & impossible to run with)
  3. Easy to access what I need.
  4. Comfortable
  5. Comes with a hair tie – once my hair is long enough I’ll be using that tie!!


  1. The straps aren’t stretchy. It didn’t make it uncomfortable but I like my other pack that has stretchy straps
  2. Moves when running, but not much. I haven’t had a waist pack yet that does’t move when I run, so that wasn’t unexpected. If I tighten the strap it wouldn’t move – but I didn’t do that cause it gave me a muffin top.


The water bottle is Handy 10. It is smaller than the other bottle I have, but I actually liked the size. It was pretty lightweight also. It carries 10oz of water.


  1. Good size for short runs.
  2. Lightweight and didn’t make my hand/forearm numb (this has happened with my heavier hand held).
  3. Comes with a zippered stretch mesh pocket for your belongings.
  4. Also comes with a hair tie!


  1. Leaks water – I tightened the cap, make sure the nozzle wasn’t open but it did leak a little.
  2. There is a strap to tighten the bottle on your hand that kept coming loose – my other hand-held does that also.


As you can see there are more cons than pros. I would definitely recommend these to runners interested in carrying water, phones, gels, food…with them on their runs. Here are a few pictures of how the pack and bottle look on.




I want to say thank you to Ultimate Direction for the gear!! It was an unexpected and greatly appreciated gift just for being a ZOOMArun ambassador.

Also, as a reminder if you are interested in running ZOOMArun Napa Valley use code NAMB6 when registering. It is good for 10% off the 10k and half marathon. See you June 28th in Napa!

ZOOMArun Napa Registration


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