Marathon Training, Wine Tasting, Medal Hanger & Cat Friends

Napa Valley Marathon is 35 days away! I am so excited cats to be running in Napa, my hometown! Training is going very well and I feel strong & positive about how this race will go. However, I have been reading Hansons Marathon Method and I am realizing after this marathon I need to take my marathon training to a whole other level…that is a different post though.

Here is my long run from today:

NVM Training Long Run – 10.8 Miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

As I stepped out the door to run this morning I saw my neighbor was having a garage sale. I looked around to see what was there and found this:


Why am I so excited for this? Because as soon as I saw it I knew it was going to be my medal hanger!! I have been looking for months at pinterest, google, running sites…of how I was going to display my medals. Crazy that I just walk out my door and find something perfect for it!


As I am writing typing this my boyfriend is putting it up…

I am also enjoying some coffee. That’s right, I’m a coffee drinker now. And like my beer, I will be a snob. Currently I am drinking coffee from Naked Lounge in midtown Sac, no cream or sugar. Just black please.


It is so perfect❤️❤️




The bed frame that I bought to use for my medal hanger is so big we are going to use part of it for a wine rack. My boyfriend’s idea. It is going to be awesome! This couldn’t have come at a better time since we just signed up for Borjon Winery’s wine club! BEST Amador winery.


I’ve never been wine tasting in Napa – I REALLY need to! But I used to live in Amador County and the wine there has really stepped up its game. This weekend was my best friend’s birthday so we went tasting. Good times!

Bray Vineyards



Helwig Winery. Amazing views, wine…no bueno.



Finally, my training today. Ran by these cat (friend) statues downtown. How cool are these? Obviously I had to have my picture taken with them. Can someone say crazy cat lady?




Best cat friend face ever!



3 thoughts on “Marathon Training, Wine Tasting, Medal Hanger & Cat Friends

  1. Your medal display looks really great!! What a nice inexpensive way to show them off. 🙂
    I love wine tasting in Amador. Such a nice laid back atmosphere at all the wineries.

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