Run For Meg

Today I ran for Meg Cross Menzies. If you haven’t heard, she is a runner who was killed on January 13th while on her morning run. She was hit  by a drunk driver. A friend started a Facebook page for Meg and it will soon be a website dedicated to the memory of Meg and to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. Here is the Facebook link for now: Meg’s Miles .

This broke my heart when I read about it. Obviously I don’t know Meg, but this could easily have been some one I know or even me. I am very aware of my surroundings when I run; I never listen to music and I am extra careful around traffic. Even with being careful there was  a time I was almost hit by a car because the driver ran a red light. So runners, please be careful out there. Even though we don’t all know each other it still hurts to hear when a member of the running community was injured or killed. My heart goes out to her family.

I ran 4 miles for Meg today, and it was a beautiful run! I ran with some very nice ladies this morning, Katie and her friend. I follow Katie on twitter and this was the first time we met. Thanks for the great run today!

 I broke in some new running shoes!


Here was our run along the American River today:

NVM Training Short Run – 4 Miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.


Like I said, it was a beautiful day for a run…


In remembrance of Meg & to raise awareness about drunk driving. This run is for you Meg, and every January 18th I will run for you.



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