SRA Come Run Series: January

Have I said lately how much I love Sacramento? Well today I participated in something that I can add to my list of reasons why I love this city. I have always loved how runner friendly this city is, but the Sacramento Running Association has taken it to another level. They have started something called Come Run Series. It will be a free run, once a month different places around Sacramento. It ranges from a 5k to 10k – today the course was 4.22 miles. You can do more or less if you want. Here is the route for the run SRA run today: NVM Training Long Run 1 of 2 – 4 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

I LOVE THIS! Thank you SRA for this great opportunity! Today they gave away shirts from previous races, raffled off an entry into this year’s California International Marathon (nope, didn’t get it 💔) and were collecting shoes to benefit Shoes For Sacramento. Please click this link to check out all the info on the SRA website: Come Run Series 2014


I spy…me and my boyfriend. Freezing! But once the run started I was glad I wore shorts.


So, my Napa Valley Marathon Training continues. After today’s run with the Sacramento Running Association I had planned on doing 8 more miles since I’m due for 12 today. But I just wasn’t feeling it and finished 4 miles for a total of 8 today. Oh well. Here is today’s second run: NVM Training Long run 2 of 2 – 4 miles by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

I did get in a workout at home though. Cats as my witness…


They like to watch me exercise.



They also like to watch me eat & tried to get my yummy cheese (from Cultured & Cured), salami & beer (from Corti Bros. and Ruhstaller – F yea). 3 more reasons right there why I love Sacramento!


Finally, I wanted to talk about a few things I am participating in this year. I signed up for Run This Year. It is another awesome community of runners. We are setting goals of how far we are going to run this year: 2,014 miles, 2,014 kilometers or any other distance you want! I am going for the kilometers, which I think I can easily do. I have never counted how many miles I run in a year so this will be interesting. Check out their link here and sign up! Run This Year 2014


And don’t forget about the newest running group in Sacramento! Every Wednesday morning get your ass out of bed and get in your run!



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