Run To Feed The Hungry 2013

On Thanksgiving I ran The Run To Feed The Hungry. It was my second time doing this race, and my first time doing the 10k. I LOVE this race! I think it has one of the best courses in Sacramento – both the 5k and 10k. I finished in 52:39. I was trying to take it easy since I have been having knee pain (which is pretty much gone now). If I had really pushed myself I think I could have gotten to a 50 minute 10k, maybe even sub 50. There’s always next time!

Check out my race on Garmin Connect:

Run To Feed The Hungry 2013 by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

One of the reasons I love this course so much is all the supporters we get! People are up early and out there cheering on all us runners, its great 🙂 There were a few people who had mimosa stations! I would have stopped at one of them if I didn’t have to work after the race. Speaking of work, I have 2 clients (one chemo patient and the other a cute cat friend that I watch when his parents are out of town) that live along the course. It was great seeing them outside of work and having them cheer me on. I love watching races. I know some people think it is boring but I think everyone should try it at least once. It really makes a difference having people out there supporting & cheering you on even if they are complete strangers. I think that makes it even more special…and being a spectator/supporter is what got me into running.


I’m ready, I’m ready!! (Does anyone know what show that is from?)



20th Annual Run To Feed The Hungry!


I ran into my friend Krysta. She is the one responsible for my ❤️ of running. Some day we will run a race together, but she was with her husband and baby for this one.



This race is always such a huge deal in Sacramento, and I love it! As long as I am running I will be participating! It benefits the Sacramento Food Bank, if you’d like more info please check out their website Sacramento Food Bank.

California International Marathon…9 days away!!


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