Clarksburg County 20 Mile Race

Today was the second time I have run the Clarksburg County 20 Mile Race. Last year was a disaster. I wasn’t training properly or eating great. I was not stretching or rolling out my legs (I didn’t have the best boyfriend ever to massage my legsies ;))

In 2012 my finish was 3:50:08 pace 12:05 min/mile. This year my finish was 3:01:35 pace 9:04 min/mile. That ladies and gentlemen is what proper training will do. I finished about 49 minutes faster than last year and had a faster pace by 3 minutes! When I was done I said to my boyfriend “I did so good!” and almost wanted to cry – silly but true.

In the 2012 race at mile 14 I injured my knee. It was awful. It felt as if someone was stabbing my knee with a knife. I have to admit I was a bit nervous today knowing what happened last year. But I just kept an easy 9ish minute pace and did very well. Check out the difference on my Garmin Connect.

 Clarksburg Race from 2012:

Clarksburg County 20 Miler by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

 Clarksburg Race today:

Clarksburg County 20 Mile Race by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.


Picture with the course map. It was really funny cause I was waiting and waiting to take a picture by it but there were a lot of people around I felt silly. I finally did and then everyone started too. A guy told me “I’m so glad you did that, good idea.” Haha. Not as silly as I thought!


Crossing the start with a big smile!


Half way there!


I did get a bit tired around mile 15. There were times when I wanted to walk but I knew that I couldn’t. I kept telling myself, “You only have 5 (4, 3…) miles left! You have come too far to walk!”. What was great about keeping a steady pace is that a lot of the people who passed me in the beginning I was passing in the end – and  passing fast. My last mile was an 8:30; so overall I think I did a damn good job pacing myself to be able to have such a strong finish.



My boyfriend got this great shot of me crossing the finish & you can see my time on the left.


Chewy – my support dog.


I have been saying since the beginning of my training that this race is going to determine how well I do at the California International Marathon, and I couldn’t be happier with how well I did. I am so ready for the CIM!!



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