US Half Marathon

Yesterday was the US Half Marathon – does anyone else get as sad as me when races are over? It already seems like ages ago that I ran that race…they come & go so quickly!

Here is the shirt from the race. My new favorite race shirt! How cool is the back??!


So Sunday morning I had a 5:10am wake up call…but it wasn’t so bad since day light saving time ended & I got an extra hour of sleep. YES!

We parked at Ghirardelli Square and walked to the start line from there. This looked way cooler in person…it was still pretty dark out and the sign made everything glow.


Headed to the start…I was very surprised at how little people there were. It was about 40 minutes before the race started. All I know is, the races in Sacramento are packed by that time. I think I heard there were 5,000 runners, but the results showed that 3,507 finished.


I’m ready, I’m ready!!

IMG_7782   How great is this? They offered yoga before the race. It I had gotten there earlier I would have participated.


First hill – of what I thought would be a flat course for San Francisco standards – I was wrong.



For some silly reason I thought they would close the road down for us runners & we’d be running on the road across the bridge. Nope. It was still pretty amazing running across the bridge. It was VERY amazing!



My official time was 1:54:27. It is my second best half marathon time yet. Considering it had some killer hills I think that is damn good. My next flat half marathon course I’m sure I can get to a 1:45:00 finish 🙂



Overall, I have to say this is my favorite race so far. Amazing course in an amazing city. Great views, great weather. It wasn’t easy but I loved the challenge!

Check out the race on Garmin Connect:

US Half Marathon – San Francisco by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.




4 thoughts on “US Half Marathon

    • Thanks! So far I’m signed up for the Napa Valley Marathon & the San Francisco Marathon. It will be my first time for both. Other than that I plan on doing some in Sacramento that I haven’t done yet. Any races planned for yourself?

      • You’re a rock star! I am signed up for Shamrok’n and have my eye on a few other halfs towards the end of 2014. Next year’s big challenge will be learning to train with a BOB stroller, my wife is due in April so we’ll see how that impacts race training and my hesitancy to commit to a full marathon 🙂

      • I see people running with those all the time, and a lot of them are faster than me 🙂 Good luck! I have friends running shamrock so I’ll be out there cheering everyone on!

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