Run For Courage 5k

Yesterday was the Run For Courage 5k in Folsom. Good run for a good cause – end human trafficking. Here is their website: Run For Courage Please check them out, do their run or just donate to their cause! Their next race is around Lake Meritt in Oakland. If you’re in the Bay Area check it out, such a nice place to run!


Here is the course from the race:

Run For Courage Folsom, Ca 5k by haleymg at Garmin Connect – Details.

Annnndddd…I got a new 5k PR in this race! I was hoping for a 25 minute 5k, but I did it in 24:21 (official results)! I am so super proud of myself. Okay – so the race was 3.06 miles, not 3.1 which was a little crappy – but I’m still counting it as my best 5k time.


Headed to the finish!!



This was a fun race but there were some things I didn’t like about it. First the pros:

  1. Raising money & awareness for a great cause
  2. While waiting to race, they were telling us facts about human trafficking & what they have done to help – very cool
  3. Nice course
  4. Plenty of refreshments at the end
  5. The people involved with putting on the race did a great job!

Now the cons:

  1. Too many kids!!! Please don’t get me wrong, it is GREAT that kids participate and get active. My issue was having kids running back & forth along the path, stopping in the middle of the runners and overall just not paying attention. Parents – teach your kids proper race etiquette – and that goes to some adults as well!
  2. The beginning and end of the course was rocky and uneven – no bueno when you’re trying to sprint at the end

My sister & I. It was our first race together & her first ever! I hope to do more together in the future!


Yay Kate! She finished in 27:09. F-ing awesome for her first 5k!



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